Greenwoods Stock Boxes invests in Goldline manual diecutter

Diecut UK, the Preston, UK-based supplier of corrugated, packaging, print and print finishing machinery has announced a further sale of its safe Goldline manual diecutter said to be the “true replacement for the traditional hand fed platen”.
Greenwoods Stock Boxes is a flexible, quick turnover UK distributor of cardboard boxes. General manger Peter Roe selected the Goldline due to its safety features of no full body access or unguarded trap points and its ease of use and good design.
“Greenwood Stock Boxes have an excellent reputation within the UK,” says Roe. “With over 50 years of trading under our belts we looked at the Goldline as a far greater technology from the outdated roller presses and hand-fed platens”.
Key features including electronic pressure settings as opposed to using spanners, make ready applied to the back of the tool and an easy chase design provide the operator with a much more efficient way of working.
Even in smaller formats the Goldline is becoming the preferred choice of machine due to the time spent on job changeover being dramatically reduced with no need for continuous patch up due to the application of make ready and the pressure coming from all four corners.
With speeds of over 1000 impression per hour this machine is said to outperform its notoriously ageing technology by using the flatness of the bed, speed variation control to handle any tricky thinner substrates and no more stopping to retrieve miss-fed sheets. The Goldline comes in 10 sizes from 890 up to 3200.