GM extends its product line with the IR350 Multifunctional Inspection Rewinder

Leading finishing and converting specialist GM is proud to introduce its latest innovation – the GM IR350 Multifunctional Inspection Rewinder – designed to complement the new 350mm product line, which also includes the DC350 Premium Finishing Line and the recently introduced DC350MINIflex Compact Converting Line.

The GM IR350 is an extended version of the established GM IR330 Inspection Rewinder, both built on the most modern electronic platform. Converting webs in widths up to 350mm on rolls of max 400mm in diameter, the GM IR350 offers high converting speeds of up to 200m/min. The new machine can be used for multiple operations depending on the configuration, including inspection, back-numbering, counting, slitting and multi-layer (peel & reveal) labels. It is fully compliant with all requirements for pharmaceutical and safety controls characterized by high standards and the highest quality.

When configured as an inspection machine, the bi-directional system ensures ‘200% inspection’ – this means that the camera stops the machine when a fault has been detected and repositions the faulty label back to the repair table. After repair, the label can be inspected again if required. This important feature allows the client to back-up and re-check a defective label to make sure the job is perfect. The system can be fitted with inspection cameras from AVT, BST, Nikka, Nyquist Systems or other suppliers according to client requirements.

A label dispenser can turn the GM IR350 into a complete multi-layer (peel & reveal) label production line, and also allows the insertion of warning labels printed in Braille. An optional printing system can produce a report for each roll of labels, according to end-user requirements. Reverse printing is also possible when configured with a thermal inkjet module.

The GM IR350 is fully modular and retrofittable. Its short inspection table ensures the machine has a small footprint, saving space in the production environment.