GEW supports response to the 2015 Paris climate change summit deal

Paris Climate Change SummitAs world leaders return from Paris heralding an ambitious, lasting climate deal, their efforts are paralleled by GEW’s commitment to engineering that puts the emphasis on energy efficiency and reduction in overall electricity consumption.

GEW welcomes the global climate deal and the determination of the participating nations to favour long-term sustainable development by encouraging energy savings and a lower carbon footprint.

The company said that there is no easy answer to climate change, but the recent deal signifies a critical step forward in addressing issues of pollution and deteriorating weather patterns. GEW, as a manufacturer of UV curing systems, can offer a part of a solution by developing new products and services that show a clear direction in cutting CO2 emissions initiating the way towards a low carbon future.

Burning fossil fuels for electric energy is a key emissions source and UV curing is an energy-intensive technology. For this reason, operating a modern high-efficiency UV curing system with intelligent power management can achieve substantial reductions in electricity cost and carbon emissions compared to older systems.

A typical installation comprising a 16-inch eight-lamp press operating in two shifts can save over €12,000 per year and reduce CO2 emissions by over 40 tonnes based on the average cost and carbon footprint per kWh of electricity.

GEW UV LED technologyGEW’s hybrid ArcLED RHINO electronic power supply has been developed to enable the lowest possible operating cost for a UV curing system, operating at 96 per cent energy efficiency to provide an extremely low energy consumption, the lowest carbon footprint and the lowest utility bill.

To meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations in the future, printers are now able to upgrade their UV systems with the most energy efficient technology: LED. The upgrade can be done whenever needed by simply removing the mercury arc lamp cassette from the lamp housing, inserting a UV LED cassette and connecting water cooling. The existing RHINO ArcLED hybrid power supply recognises that an LED cassette is fitted and delivers the correct power automatically.

By delivering advanced technology and lowest total cost of ownership to its customers, GEW show its on-going commitment to both environmentally sustainable and economically viable UV curing solutions.