Further orders of Blumer punching machine and H+H rollers to boost production at UK print finishing company

The Blumer Atlas D20.M punching machine
The Blumer Atlas D20.M punching machine

Clinical Print Finishers, a UK-based print finishing solutions provider, has ordered a Blumer Atlas D20.M punching machine from UK & Ireland distributor, Friedheim International, with a view to offering faster and more accurate Z-fold card work.

The new machine is due to be delivered to Clinical’s site in Leicester next month.

Jamie Court, managing director of Clinical Print Finishers, said: “We already have a couple of Blumer machines that we have used successfully for many years, but the time has arrived to increase our capabilities.

“Although our existing Blumer machines have proved very reliable, we did check what else may be available, but soon realised that Blumer are market leaders for good reason and it was sensible to order one of their machines again.

“Another bonus, of course, is that the new machine complements our existing units and the experience of our operators!”

Clinical has also ordered 268 rollers to refurbish 23 of its Herzog + Heymann folding machines. The company has 47 H+H folders in total.

Court added: “The order for the rollers is phase one of a five-year refurbishment programme. We have tried using re-conditioned rollers in the past, but have found that by fitting new rollers this provides us with a production increase of between 20-30 percent. It is for this reason that we have committed ourselves to fit all new rollers to half our stock of H+H folders, which will be delivered in three batches as we require them.”