Fresnel carves out branded packaging role for new sculpturing nanotechnology imagery

New optical nanotechnology imagery, which enables designers to create eye-catching, elegant and sophisticated packaging, is available from international suppliers, Fresnels

The Cellini and Cellini Plus images – named after Benvenuto Cellini, the renowned jeweller and sculptor to the Medicis – can strengthen packaging brand identity, while simultaneously offering improved resistance to the threat of piracy and counterfeiting. It can be applied by brand owners, printers and converters using standard foil application techniques.

The graphic 3D effects offered by Cellini are achromatic and feature the appearance of sculptured or cast metal. The Cellini PLUS option has additional coloured highlights, which can soften the visual effect.

Produced using digital technology with nanometer precision, the imagery is currently available in sizes up to 8” x 8” (20cm x 20cm). There are also plans to offer Cellini up to 1M x 1M as demand grows from the packaging and brand design sectors.

Hot stamping foil already manufactured using Cellini designs has been applied to folding carton material at speeds up to 120m/min, which makes it a highly attractive and cost-effective technique for delivering 3D tactile imagery to packaging without the use of expensive laminates.

Packaging produced using Cellini imagery is fully recyclable, enhancing its appeal as an environmentally friendly option for end-users. Fresnels sees cosmetic/fragrance, healthcare and alcoholic beverage packaging as initial target markets.

Fresnels Inc. is privately funded and led by technology providers with 100 years of combined expertise in the commercialisation of optical microstructures. Its technology is supported by customer services, technological excellence and experience in relationship building in key markets. More at