Fraser Anti-Static launches the most compact 24 V DC Static Eliminator

3014_fbgFraser Anti-Static has launched the 3014 Static Eliminator, which is the most compact 24 V DC Static Eliminator Bar available.  The most important technology development in the static control industry over the past five years has been the switch to 24 V DC operation with all of the electronics built into the Bar.  The only disadvantage was that the size of the bars increased to accommodate the high voltage electronics.

Size is no longer a problem.  The new 3014 Bar measures only 20 mm x 32.5 mm and is suitable for installation on machinery in the packaging, plastics and printing industries where space is limited.

The 3014 has class-leading static neutralisation performance and offers all of the benefits of 24 V DC technology, including local and remote monitoring of operation and a signal which indicates that the bar needs to be cleaned.  Tungsten emitters give the 3014 a potential life of over ten years with 24/7 operation.

converter_app_imageBruce Clothier, the CEO of Fraser comments: “Fraser has been a pioneer of 24 V DC static control technology since 2011.  The intelligent NEOS range, launched in 2015 extended our technical lead in high performance static neutralisation.  The new 3014 completes the range and gives to the operator of smaller machines the full performance, control and cost benefits available with this technology.”

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques Ltd  is based in Bampton, UK, and in September 2016 celebrated  its 25th year of continuous growth.  Over 90% of production is exported to leading manufacturers and machine builders worldwide.

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