Focus on safety – people come first

With the automatic filling system for adhesive in granular form, Robatech focuses on safety in the company. The RobaFeed 3 with granulate container GlueFill does not only protect the operator from burns, it also ensures increased line efficiency and cost savings.

Employee protection means to determine the root causes of accidents and to minimize the risk of injuries. Accidents at the workplace can have serious consequences, not only for the health of the individual employee, but also financially for the company. Robatech is committed to establishing a protected and safe work environment for operating personnel of adhesive application solutions and thus to saving costs. The automatic filling system RobaFeed 3 with granulate container GlueFill comes into play right there: It protects from possible dangers during filling of hot melt systems, maximizes system availability, and ensures a smooth production sequence. 

Safe employees – safe company

Preventive occupational safety and health-promoting work conditions do not only cost money. They can also save large expenses caused by accidents and sick leaves. With the investigation and correction of possible endangerments at the workplace, all work processes are improved. The company becomes safer and more efficient. The work conditions of employees are very important, as the lives and health of employees have top priority. For Robatech, the safety and health of operators of adhesive application systems are one of the most important company values, as the influence handling systems have on operator safety is enormous.

In particular, filling a hot melt adhesive system involves a certain risk, as the tank systems can reach temperatures of up to 200 °C. When opening the tank for filling, there is a risk of burns due to adhesive splashing or contact with already melted adhesive. These risks can be avoided with an automatic filling system.

Apart from our moral commitment to protect persons from injuries, there are legal requirements that machines must be safer. Beyond that, there are valid economic reasons to prevent accidents. Only a safe company is an efficient company, as downtimes are avoided and thus costs saved. Hanspeter Huber, Industry Manager at Robatech: “Safety must be considered starting with the planning phase of a system and across all usage phases. Thus, working with Robatech’s adhesive application systems should meet all safety requirements, as the following is always true: People come first”.

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