Flint Group hosts 12th Annual Narrow Web Print Awards

It’s not too late to submit your company’s very best in print to Flint Group. Narrow web label and packaging converters from around the world are encouraged to submit sample labels and narrow web packaging for evaluation by a panel of industry judges.

Join Flint Group at Stand 840 at Labelexpo Americas on Wednesday, September 14 at 4:00pm to celebrate the very best in print! The winners of this prestigious award will be announced during a live event on the Flint Group stand at Labelexpo Americas in Chicago.

The criteria for judging follows the standard guidelines set by the industry associations FINAT and TLMI and include: registration, smoothness of dot/vignette, overall print quality, and degree of difficulty. The judges also review each label for creative use of inks and colour – rewarding prints that exhibit extra-ordinary use of ink. Participate and join the industry in celebrating excellence and the art of printing in a narrow web platform.

The Narrow Web industry is more than just labels – Flint Group challenges converters to ‘think outside the label’ and to also submit their best prints in the Flexible Packaging and Shrink Sleeve segments.

Niklas Olsson, global brand manager, commented: “We encourage printers to demonstrate the enriched and expanding pallet of applications that are possible using narrow web presses, utilising any print method of their choice – water-based flexo, UV flexo, UV offset, or a combination thereof.

“Over the past two years we have seen an increased amount of print submissions coming from other market segments – it’s encouraging to see narrow web grow in pressure sensitive label, but even more so into various segments of the flexible packaging market and shrink sleeves. We are glad to see narrow web printers around the world pushing past the traditional boundaries.”

Criteria for judging includes: registration, smoothness of dot/vignette, overall print quality, and degree of difficulty. Entries will be placed in categories relating to technology and application.

Entry Guidelines are as follows:

  1. Each entry must be printed using inks from Flint Group
  2. Entries can be a commercial label, or a promotional label
  3. Entries can be sent in roll or sheet form with no less than 20 of each label – converters should specify if labels cannot be displayed on the Flint Group stand.
  4. Entries should be received no later than August 31, 2016
  5. Entries should be submitted directly to Flint Group

For an entry form and more information, email Deanna.klemesrud@flintgrp.com.