Flexo Wash continues to expand in Asia

Flexo Wash has expanded its long relationship with Jet Technologies. For the past 13 years it has covered Australia and New Zealand, and now Jet Technologies will be representing Flexo Wash in Indonesia

Jet Technologies Indonesia has already installed a number of Flexo Wash Anilox Cleaners, Parts Washers, Rotary Screen Washers and Plate Washers to the performance satisfaction of our customers. All Flexo Wash machines are fully automatic, leaving aniloxes, press parts and plates clean and ready for immediate re-use after only a few minutes of washing.

David Reece, Sales Director, Jet Technologies commented: “With modern flexo presses capable of quick set ups and fast job changes, manual cleaning severely compromises production and print quality. An automated cleaning regime not only aids production in cleaning parts, plates, and anilox rollers efficiently, it gives the printer peace of mind that all items are spotless for each and every job.”

The benefits of having consistent cleaning are clear: more consistent colour control; process control for GMP; and an improvement to occupational health and safety. In addition, it is more cost effective in the time and labour it saves, and guarantees    no risk of damage to the items cleaned.

Jet Technologies will be supported in Indonesia by Malaysian-based Niels Madsen, who is the regional manager for Flexo Wash. According to Madsen, working with Jet Technologies in Indonesia is part of Flexo Wash’s strategy to increase its presence in the Asian market. As well as having agents in all the Asian countries, Flexo Wash will also be exhibiting at this year’s Labelexpo Southeast Asia to reflect the growing importance of this market.

With a local Indonesian staff of 16, Jet Technologies knowledge of the narrow web market means that all aspects of sales, customer service, and engineering are covered. There is also a local showroom at Jet’s premises in Jakarta, where customers can see and test Flexo Wash cleaning equipment on their own aniloxes and screens.

Flexo Wash and Jet Technologies look forward to continuing to service the Indonesian market with machinery and locally stocked Flexo Wash cleaning liquids.