Flexible packaging firm partners with leading zipper supplier

Tyler Packaging Elplast ZipperTyler Packaging, which supplies flexible packaging to a range of industries, has partnered with Elplast, one of the world’s leading suppliers of press-to-close zippers, in a bid to improve the closure functionality of its packaging range.

Adam Kay, sales and technical director at Tyler Packaging, commented: “The closure element of our flexible packaging is an essential aspect of functionality. It’s the most interactive component that a customer will deal with. A frustrating experience opening and closing our packaging is a sure fire way to generate poor feedback, so we have to be confident that the closure options we choose do the job properly. Elplast has the expertise and technological capabilities to deliver on what we need.”

Elplast supplies more than 500 million metres of press-to-close zippers in over 60 countries on six continents every year, with its EL-ZIP branded zippers available in over 250 styles.

The incorporation of an EL-ZIP closure helps to keep products fresher for longer, improving consumer convenience, as well as protecting against accidental spillages and external environmental factors, whilst also improving product security.

Elplast considers Tyler Packaging to be a key strategic partner, and the firm has developed some highly functional zips on an exclusive basis for certain key markets, an example being colour branded press-to-close zippers targeted specifically at the UK protein nutrition market.

Caine Folkes-Miller, marketing and innovation director at Elplast, said: “Tyler is one of the few convertors who thinks about reclose at the beginning of a project rather than as a last minute afterthought. This means they get things right first time and are consistently able to supply a complete package that perfectly matches the brief and the consumer’s desires.”

Kay added: “Our strategic collaboration is a fantastic way of combining our own expertise with Elplast’s so as to provide quality, fully-rounded packaging products that match our customer’s expectations.”

With patented technology, laser scribing, easy open, flat base pouches and numerous other high quality flexible packaging options available, such as laminated pouches, laminated bags and sacks, laminated BOPP/PP woven sacks, Tyler Packaging has continuously used successful innovation techniques to build its business.

3D imagery at the design stage of the packaging process to assist client marketing departments in visualising designs and print layouts prior to printing, is one of many facilities offered by the company which also includes augmented reality as a possible design option.