Flex Films launches web metalised surface inspection system

FLEXMETPROTECT is now placed under state of the art optical surface inspection technology and defect classification system that reveals and quantifies defects with the help of the newly launched Web Metalised Surface Inspection System. The system checks the entire web and allows for rapid and accurate detection of defects on the film. The Web Metalised Surface Inspection System is located in a strategic part of the slitting process just near to the winding roll comprised of smart, line-scan cameras that can analyse 100 per cent of the web for defects in real time

Speaking about the Inspection system, Mr. Deepak Mehta, Technical Manager at Flex Films (USA) Inc. said, The Web Metalised Surface Inspection System will address any defect related to metal deposition such as the areas with high defect density or those having Periodic defect or the ones with Continuous defect and even Contamination. The system measures and records the data in real time at very high web speed, generating a comprehensive report including mapping, defect characteristics like area, width, defect, light intensity etc. which helps the operator to address any quality related issues. This improves production efficiency and product quality and in-turn helps customers with less product wastage and downtime.”

Getting into the detail of the system, Mr. Vijay Yadav, Business Head, Flex Films (USA) Inc said, “The Web Metalised Surface Inspection System is designed for the inspection of non-patterned materials which are manufactured in continuous web processes. It performs the actual inspection and reports the inspection results that are reviewed prior to sending roll to the customer. It’s kind of a closed-loop system with slitting and metallising operations working in harmony to produce the best quality product, thereby assuring our customers of FLEXMETPROTECT that the roll shipped to them is always A grade.”

Speaking about the value offer of the new system, Mr. Anantshree Chaturvedi, Vice Chairman and CEO, Flex Films International said, “This state of the art Web Inspection System helps to evaluate the entire web surface of FLEXMETPROTECT generating a superior quality material that will give peace of mind to the customer and has the possibility to be used on AlOx coated transparent film too and we are in the process of acquiring new system to characterize bare film and we assure the quality of our product as always to our customers.

Sharing his thoughts about the Web Metalised Surface Inspection System for FLEXMETPROTECT film, Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman & Managing Director, Uflex says: “The good instincts of my engineers at Flex Films helped them to acquire this new system of Automatic Defect monitoring which enables precise surface flaw detection and indeed makes it a commendable achievement.”