First rotary die cutting machine of its kind sold in the USA

DCS USA Corporation, distributor of Taiwan-based-company Sysco Machinery, sold the first rotary die cutting machine of its kind on the American continent to Minnesota-based-company, Pepin Manufacturing. The multi-stations rotary die cutting machine with laser is scheduled to be installed in Pepin’s brand new 18,000sq ft facility in Wabasha, MN at the beginning of 2018.

Sysco’s machine, built to handle a high level of precision and ensure accurate and constant performance, was what Jon Solberg, business development manager of Pepin Manufacturing deemed necessary for his company to grow its position as leaders in the medical converting industry in the USA.

Solberg said:“We at Pepin are very excited about the purchase of our new, state-of-the-art Sysco rotary die cutting press. With this new equipment, Pepin Manufacturing can vastly increase our manufacturing solutions to our customers who need extremely tight tolerances of +/-.004. This new technology will allow Pepin to quote on much more complex rotary die cutting and multi-layer lamination projects, which in turn, will increase the growth of Pepin Manufacturing. We’ve had a great experience working with Anne-Sophie and Joe at DCS-USA and the solution they proposed to us.”

Machine specifications

Sysco’s rotary die cutting machine will be able to laminate, die cut, and laser cut products with multiple layers in one pass while maintaining the highest level of precision. To that end, the machine will be equipped with the latest state of the art technology, which includes:

  • All servo-controlled die cutting and lamination stations
  • One CO2 laser station
  • All servo-controlled upper rewinds and unwinds
  • All servo-controlled lower rewinds and unwinds
  • Registrations system using CCD cameras