Excellence in extrusion and fluid coating die systems since 1971

Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries, LLC has created a standard of excellence in extrusion and fluid coating die systems since 1971. The company, acquired by Nordson Corporation in 2012, is committed to serving the changing needs of customers, developing new products that have resulted in performance improvements and increased production opportunities.

Nordson excels in precision engineering and places a high value on supporting customers before and after the sale. Customers benefit from the wide range of products, from global capabilities for manufacturing, and from the localized service. The company’s strong support and investment in research and development regularly provides new innovations that benefit our extrusion and fluid coating die customers.

Fluid Coating Applications

Nordson’s slot coating technology offers several major benefits when compared to traditional roll coating technology. Customers have reported considerable cost savings and process improvements as a result of partnering with Nordson to make the switch to slot die systems.

  • Premier™ fixed lip slot dies are designed to be extremely precise, while still easy to use, and may be configured for single or multi-layer coatings.
  • Premier™ die positioners are designed for on-roll or off-roll (tension) coating and may be used with Premier™ single layer fixed lip dies, multi-layer fixed lip dies, or double-sided coating applications.
  • Ultracoat™ flexible lip dies provide flexibility to adjust for variation in web thickness and process parameters. These dies are also available in single or multi-layer designs.
  • Ultracoat™ support stations and modular coating stations are designed for use with Ultracoat™ flexible lip dies and feature pneumatic actuation via air cylinders and an optional vacuum box or regenerative blower.
  • Nordson offers fluid delivery systems for a simple, yet customized, approach to fluid delivery. Standard models include a lab/small production fluid delivery system, medium production fluid delivery system, and a large production fluid delivery system.

Extrusion Coating & Laminating Applications

For extrusion coating and laminating applications, Nordson offers a suite of products designed to help processors maximize their extruder uptime.

  • The EDI® EPC™ (Edge Profile Control) dies allow processors to save material cost by minimizing their product width and reducing the size of their edge bead with an adjustable internal deckle blade system. The die’s lip lands are optimized to provide uniform orientation, reduce die swell, and provide a significant response to manual or automatic lip adjustments.
  • When coextrusion is required, EDI Ultraflow™ V adjustable geometry feedblocks provide effective adjustability, without sacrificing streamlining. These feedblocks feature adjustable “combining planes”, located where the melt streams join the central flow channel, can operate in two modes, eliminating feedblock adjustment by the operator and optimizing layer-to-layer interfaces.
  • Nordson’s EPC™ Deckle Maintenance Cart allows for removal of deckle assembly without use of a hoist or overhead support. Cleaning and maintenance can be completed away from the die at a safe and comfortable height, while at the same time reducing the risk of damaging deckle components with a secure and lockable cart.
  • The EDI® PolyStream™ motorized back pressure valve is designed to steady an extruder’s back pressure in extrusion coating and laminating applications. To prevent excessive pressure increases (caused by build-up of screen contamination), an integrated valve is designed to automatically open, as needed, to maintain the desired pressure range.

Nordson is committed to providing extrusion and fluid coating die customers with dependable products, knowledgeable support, and trustworthy service. To learn more, visit www.nordsonpolymerprocessing.com or contact Nordson at info@nordsonpolymerprocessing.com