Euroto markets new LED strobes & sales continue with Fraser’s high powered intelligent static removal bar – Jupiter

Euroto Ltd, based in Chorley, Lancashire, are pleased to introduce a new range of powerful, portable  LED stroboscopes, along with showcasing Fraser Anti-Static Techniques’ popular high powered, intelligent static removal bar , the JUPITER .


The Pocket LED from Rheintacho, is a small handheld device with a light emission of 4800 lux.  This super light, super bright strobe is one of the best-performing devices in its class.  With up to 300,000 flashes per minute, it is ideal for checking print register and great for maintenance purposes.

image2For checking print quality on a larger scale, we can offer the latest portable qb (Cube) LED Stroboscope from Rheintacho (Germany).  The qb features an internal battery which boasts a continuous use of up to 7 hours.  Incorporating LED long lasting lamps, the unit produces no ozone therefore is proving to be an extremely reliable piece of kit.

Looking for a more powerful unit, the Super qb (Cube), has nearly three times more  LED’s and a laser beam to automatically set the frequency.

Both strobes come complete with 12 months warranty and carry case, ideal for storage when not in use.


image3Sales at Euroto Ltd, continue for Fraser Anti-Static Techniques’ ever-popular  Jupiter advanced DC long range static control system. Using intelligent ionisation technology, the Jupiter Bar provides unrivalled static neutralisation performance in a safe and reliable way at distances from 200mm up to 1.5m.  Its fast static neutralisation performance is up to 5 times more powerful than leading competitors.  All control and high voltage parts are fully encapsulated for reliability and safety, and with constant monitoring of conditions powered by an on board computer, should the unit be powered down, or fail to operate for any reason, a remote signal is generated in the form of potential free relay contacts that can be used to trigger an alarm or warning or control another system.  Also the micro-computer system controls and regulates two compact high voltage sources.  Each source generates high voltages over 30kV.  This power is then delivered to the tungsten emitters through an impendance network to assure safe and shockless operation.  Along with its robust design and easy mounting, the Jupiter Bar’s popularity continues to grow from its launch date in 2010.

Fraser Anti-static are now developing a new range of intelligent bars that will operate from a shorter distance.  These will be available in the very near future.

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