Erhardt+Leimer at ICE Europe 2015

ELTIM for quality control in converting applications

At the Erhardt+Leimer stand products for quality control will be in the center of attention – in addition, the specialist for automation and inspection technology will present solutions for web guiding and web tension control.

Two powerful products for quality control: The ELSIS surface inspection system and the ELTIM system for contactless measurement of the layer thickness, layer weight and other properties of the material make it possible for converters to meet their industry’s various requirements for quality control.

The heart of the ELSIS surface inspection system is the robust OL 60 line scan camera, whose image processing functions have been continuously further developed. Especially the detection and classification of complex and low-contrast defects has been improved considerably. The modular structure makes the inspection lines very compact. The time required for mechanical integration, installation and commissioning is reduced to a minimum thanks to the smart cameras.

With the ELTIM product line Erhardt+Leimer present an ultrasound-based, radiation-free solution for monitoring the material thickness, weight and other relevant properties of a product during different production processes.

In addition, Erhardt+Leimer will present their FE 52 color line sensor for web guiding, featuring a color matrix chip and an online video image shown on the touch screen display connected to the sensor. Also on exhibition is the DC 62 web tension controller for use in the unwinder and rewinder as well as in a transport drive.


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