Epson labels: Fastest on and off the track

Epson’s global partnership with Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport marks the joining of two brands committed to the pursuit of innovation and the creation of high-quality products.

Epson supports the team with a range of products in different areas from the design process to trackside. Two of the products that were key to the team’s 2016 World Championship success on and off the track were the ColorWorks TM-C3500 and LabelWorks LW-Z900FK, which were flown to 21 locations across the globe to support the team.

In 2016, the FIA tightened restrictions on Formula 1 radio communication. It implemented tougher restrictions on pit-to-car radio messages, to ensure the drivers drove the car alone and unaided and were not coached from the pit wall. This meant that the team had to come up with a new communication tool to help the drivers remember key procedures during races. The team turned to Epson and the ColorWorks TM-C3500 and LabelWorks LW-Z900FK for a solution.

The ColorWorks TM-C3500 was used to print clear colour instruction labels that could be quickly attached to the steering wheel and the cockpit in-between sessions and on the grid minutes prior to the race. These essential instructions allowed the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Drivers to have all the latest race procedures at their fingertips. The speed and ease of use made it a key piece of equipment when trackside, where every millisecond counts.

Nico Rosberg, Mercedes-AMG Petronas motorsport driver and 2016 FIA Formula 1 world champion, said, “There is a lot I need to remember when I get in the car so we came up with the idea of printing labels to stick to the steering wheel. The labels tell me how to act in different scenarios. The labels are a small detail, but have a big impact and help me keep calm. They can save me a couple of milliseconds, because they stop me from making a major mistake. Every detail counts in this sport, to they are vital to the team’s success.”

In 2017, Mercedes-AMG Petronas will be transporting their race kit across the globe to over 20 different locations from Bahrain to Baku and Singapore to Sau Paolo. This kit can sometimes travel in shipping containers for up to three months. Once they arrive at a race location the team have a short turnaround to be race ready.

Matt Harris, head of IT at Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, said, “The team use the LabelWorks LW-Z900FK to label all the kit components, enabling a quick, clear and efficient pack-down and setup each race weekend. It’s these vital minutes that help Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport to be the best team as the lights go out each Sunday.