Eltosch and Grafix join forces

Hamburg-based drying specialist Eltosch and sheet-fed offset printing expert Grafix have come together under the umbrella of the Hönle Group to form Eltosch Grafix GmbH.
Eltosch and Grafix share much in common: both have decades of experience in sheet-fed offset printing and industrial applications, achieved success all over the world and belong to the Hönle Group.
This merger brings together two companies specialising in the fields of thermal air, infrared and UV technology as well as powder and cooling to create a formidable team.
The joint managing directors of Eltosch Grafix are Carsten Scheffel, formerly managing director of Eltosch Torsten Schmidt and Andreas Döderlein who was previously head of sales at Grafix. Together, they will shape the future direction of the new company.
“We are convinced that by bringing together know-how and providing a platform for continuous dialogue between our employees, synergies will be created from which our customers will benefit,” says Scheffel. “Further to the cooperation in joint subsidiary companies in America and Asia this merger is the next logical step as we strive to strengthen the position of the company.”
However, the opportunity for joint research and development is not the only benefit of the amalgamation.
“Bringing Eltosch and Grafix together is the best way to meet the requirements of the world market,” comments Döderlein.
Synergies are particularly apparent in the areas of sales and service where resources have now joined forces to find the best applications and solutions for customers. Entirely new opportunities are arising in purchasing and production.
“We are going to need the support of all of our employees in meeting the challenges we now face,” concludes Döderlein. “No jobs are to be lost as a direct result of the merger and the existing sites in Hamburg, Stuttgart and Unterlüß will remain open.