EFIA discusses ‘The world in 2025’

The European Flexographic Industry Association (EFIA) debated the future of consumers, retailers and packaging as part of an event hosted by the Stationers’ Company, in London, June 5, 2017.

The theme of the evening was ‘The world in 2025′, which explored the possible future for consumers, retailers and packaging. Delegates were encouraged to get involved with discussions on three key topics: evolution of e-commerce, consumers lust for experiences and recycling and re-use of resources.

Marketing director of EFIA, Joanna Stephenson, and Debbie Waldron-Hoines, consultant managing director of EFIA both attended the event. Joanna said: “We have an industry with a rich cultural and technological heritage – but what does the future hold?” The event provided the ideal platform to discuss current issues with leaders from across the print industry and to share valuable knowledge.

DS Smith proposed three scenarios for the world of packaging and retail by 2025, including ‘caring convenience’ which envisions high streets transformed but rejuvenated and supply chains radically changed to reduce waste; ‘everything is an experience’ where retail becomes a social experience and microbrands begin to overtake the global players’ market share; and finally the ‘Asian new deal’ scenario which considers China becoming the greenest country in the world and the impact that could have on the West.

The Stationers’ Company has a heritage dating back to 1557 when it was incorporated under Royal Charter and it has played a prominent role in shaping the industry ever since.