EcoCortec’s new facility

Due to a continuous increase in demand, EcoCortec, a producer of VpCI films and bags, is increasing its capacity by building a new plant facility. The current expansion project is being co-financed by the Croatian Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, within the European Funds Programme.

By strengthening the plant’s position in the market, new requirements for equipment and additional space are growing. The expansion and growth of production and building capacities, as well as its team, is a part of EcoCortec’s strategy.

EcoCortec’s additional production hall will boost the plant’s manufacturing capabilities and will help the company’s staff respond even more promptly to market challenges. Launched 11 years ago, EcoCortec has evolved into one of the leading producers of VpCI films in Europe. As part of the Cortec Europe Group, the plant provides one of the best corrosion protection solutions available.

EcoCortec’s films and bags are manufactured utilising Cortec’s patented VpCI technology, which exemplifies a solution in corrosion prevention. From film and foam technology to premium custom converted papers, EcoCortec’s plant exports its range of products globally.

Earlier this year, the plant launched a ‘Plastic Recycling Project’. EcoCortec implemented this European-wide initiative to collect and recycle used films and bags. The recycling programme involved Cortec’s customers sending their waste material back to the Croatian plant, which was then completely recycled and used for manufacturing a new product.

The company’s sales are growing every year, with 90 per cent of products exported to Europe, Asia and the USA.