Eco-Friendly Packaging Company Calls On Food Businesses To Go Green With National Initiative

A newly launched eco-friendly packaging company has outlined plans to help other businesses with a national sustainability initiative which rewards customers for switching to greener packaging solutions.

Simply Eco Packaging is a biodegradable packaging manufacturer for the food industry. Its catalogue of products is produced from premium eco-friendly materials including plant-based bioplastic, compostable wood and paper from sustainably sourced trees on managed plantations. It is urging takeaways, caterers and other food outlets to turn their business green in 2020 to reduce food packaging waste and join its eco family – a nationwide network set up to promote those making the swap.

Julie Glover, Simply Eco Packaging operations director said, “The hospitality sector is under immense pressure – we wanted to reward those who are balancing their daily operations with a commitment to being greener by offering incentives and practical benefits.

“Our eco family tree initiative connects our customers with our eco family and means they will be promoted accordingly through our extensive network. We will also provide an eco friendly “eco family” window sticker for the shop window – with consumers  more conscious of environmental impact and sustainability issues, this is a key point of difference and opportunity for food outlets to showcase their use of sustainable food packaging.

“Eco family members will also be featured in case studies and articles in our quarterly news letter and blog, to raise their profile and boost traffic to their own sites and locations.”

The latest industry research shows that there is a pressing need for more food businesses to pivot to greener packaging; a 2019 report carried out by environmental charity Hubbub concluded that 10.7bn items of packaging waste is created each year from lunch sales alone, the majority of which isn’t recycled.

Research by the University of Manchester also confirms that more needs to be done to reduce takeaway packaging waste. Its scientists estimate that 2025 million containers are used for takeaway food across the EU each year – if those items could be recycled, greenhouse gas emissions would decline by the equivalent of 55,000 fewer cars on the road.

Simply Eco Packaging’s sustainable containers, cutlery, cups and accessories meet that challenge head on with all items industrially compostable thanks to the plant-based materials and sustainable paper used in the manufacturing process.

Ms Glover adds, “Veganism, eco-friendliness and eco-consciousness are not going away anytime soon. A growing number of customers are very aware of the ethical implications of waste and buying local. Those outlets that don’t change may find that their customers begin to consider non-eco-friendly packaging a no-go. We’ve made it easy to swap to eco-friendly packaging but want to incentivise and reward the food industry further by offering marketing and promotional benefits via our eco-family tree.”

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