ebeam Technologies accelerates electron beam innovation in China

ebeam Technologies, the developer and manufacturer of electron beam (ebeam or EB) solutions, today announced the installation of an EBLab at Zhongshan EB Curing Technologies Co. (EBC).

A technology start-up, EBC is focused on the research and development, application and promotion of electron beam curing and is located in Zhongshan Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, in Zhongshan City, China.

With the installation of an EBLab from ebeam Technologies, EBC’s technical research team will be able to develop new ebeam curing systems that reduce cost and complexity and deliver efficiency and sustainability benefits to the manufacturing process in a variety of industries, including print and package converting. EBC will support its customers through the industrialisation process and customisation of ebeam applications from the research and investigation of products and processes to pilot plant tests to final mass production.

“At EBC, we are dedicated to using our knowledge, skills and the latest innovative technology to challenge and disrupt the status quo in China, where inferior quality, low efficiency, high energy consumption and emissions have characterised the curing industry. Our mission is to help end-user customers understand ebeam technology, and harness its benefits for maximum commercial and environmental-sustainability gain,” said Alex Chen CEO, EBC.

Each EBLab features a sealed ebeam Lamp that allow for a maximum beam energy of 200keV and transport speeds of 3–30m/min, allowing doses of up to 450kGy in a single pass. Trial samples may be as large as an A4 letter (216mm ×27 mm) and up to 50mm thick. With nitrogen inerting, the oxygen concentration can be as low as 50ppm allowing researchers the freedom to work with oxygen-sensitive chemistries.