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Dr. Hönle AG, head of Hönle Group, is one of the world´s leading suppliers for industrial UV technology. The UV specialist, who is noted on the stock exchange, develops, manufactures and distributes UV and UV-LED systems, UV lamps and UV measuring equipment worldwide. These systems are used for cross-linking photo-reactive substances, for surface sterilization and sun simulation.

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Hönle products are used in a multitude of manufacturing processes, as in electronics, microelectronics, precision engineering, medical engineering and the optical industry. Furthermore they are applied in the sectors automobile, aerospace, pharmaceutical and photovoltaic – and mainly in the printing and coating industry.

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For 40 years, UV specialist Hönle has been very successful in developing curing technology for printing and coating applications. The innovative Hönle UV, inert UV and UV-LED systems can easily be integrated into printing and coating lines where they achieve excellent results. What makes Hönle unique is the ability to always find the best solution for each application. Hönle develops cutting-edge technology according to the customers’ demands – no matter if for 2D- or 3D-applications and of course for all kinds of substrates, from wooden floors to technical films and temperature-sensitive materials.

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