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TTS Systems

TTS Systems – Total Tension Solutions Ltd based in the UK for design, manufacture and technical customer support for over 20 years, plus offering an open way of working - understanding and educating on our technology and its applications.

The UK manufactured cartridge transducers are available in two shaft choices - CRL with a live rotating bearing head and CRF with a fixed head, both designs allow for shaft end float, thus reducing any load mis-alignment or side loading. Measurement capacities from 10N to 5,000N, the full strain gauge bridge configuration has an output range of 2mV/V and offered with either an M12 or Amphenol connector.

This is matched with our custom designed transducer service – mounting assembly, shaft diameter / length, connector type / location, output, etc. We offer the ability for you to design the best and easiest mechanical solution to your machine.

To compliment the cartridge transducers, we also offer a range of flat bed and flange type loadcell transducers if your space or roller design requires. To this we then add amplifiers, displays and controllers to complete the Web Tension Measurement and Control portfolio.

We are the European partners for Roll-2-Roll Technologies range of Web Guides – displacement and steering, Retro Fit Web Guides - to improve control and performance, Position Sensors – edge, contrast, counting, IR, white light, Controllers – guide, position, analogue output, ethernet.

TTS Systems have been designing and manufacturing web tension measurement and control solutions for over 20 years. Working with System Builders, OEMs and End Users providing technical support and back up in the UK and Europe through our direct staff or distribution partners.

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