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Established over 10 years, ShrinkPack is a packaging machinery supplier concentrating on pouch converting and shrink sleeve converting equipment.

The company supplies pouch converting equipment to manufacture several different formats of flexible packaging pouches such as:

  1. Stand Up Pouches.
    ShrinkPack supply stand up pouch machines that can convert pouches from single or multiple webs, with various speed platforms suitable for long run high speed Doyen style pouch converting to short run digitally printed stand up pouches. The ability to manufacture stand up pouches from two narrow webs allows traditional narrow web label printers who either print digitally or conventionally to enter the stand up pouch and sachet market. The pouches may have a zipper closure, punch handles and shaped pouches depending upon the option specifications of pouch machine required.
  2. Side Gusseted Pouches.
    ShrinkPack supply side gusseted pouch machines that are converted from wide web conventionally printed flexible packaging and suitable for larger pack sizes for industries such as pet food pouches. High output pouch conversion with various pouch closure methods are supplied such as zipper closures and top slider closures for consumer convenience.
  3. Flat Bottom or Box Pouches.
    ShrinkPack supply flat bottom pouch converting machines with the largest size format range than any other supplier. The flat bottom pouch machine can either run exceptionally large flat bottom pouches in one up format with bottom panel insertion or smaller format pouches in two up production.
  4. Spouted Pouches for Liquids.
    ShrinkPack supply several spout insertion systems for spouted pouches suitable for liquid pouches. A range of spout insertion equipment is available for different speeds and different sizes of spouts to be inserted. These spout insertion machines may also be combined with through the spout liquid filling machines or purely as a spouted pouch converting line.

ShrinkPack also supplies a comprehensive range of shrink sleeve or shrink label converting machinery suitable for a wide range of shrink label productions suitable for long run length high-speed productions down to small scale sample productions for prototypes. Shrink Sleeve converting equipment can be split down into various productions processes such as:

  1. Shrink Sleeve Seaming.
    Shrinkpack supply a comprehensive range of shrink sleeve seaming machines which take a printed or unprinted web and convert the single web into a tube or a sleeve by folding the web and applying a solvent adhesive to convert into shrink sleeves. The range of shrink sleeve seaming machines go from small scale desktop type seaming machines to ultra-high speed shrink label converting lines capable of running up to 500 mpm using non-stop turret rewinders and non-stop turret unwinders. A large range of in process quality checks can be offered to ensure consistent manufacturing of shrink sleeves. Automatic width measurement, automatic adhesive positioning, and application as well as inline continuous quality checks.
  2. Shrink Sleeve Cutting.
    ShrinkPack supply high speed sleeve cutting machines which take a continuous web of shrink labels and cut them into single labels generally for the manual application of shrink sleeves onto single or multiple objects to form shrink sleeved multi-packs. The shrink sleeve cutting machines can also add perforations in register with the printed design or the option of adding in register with print perforations and then rewinding the web using an oscillating rewinder.
  3. Shrink Sleeve rewinding.
    ShrinkPack supply range of rewinding and inspection rewinders suitable for shrink sleeves. These machines can salvage poorly wound reels and are ideal for editing and joining part reels of shrink sleeve labels. Inline quality checking with either camera quality inspection or stroboscope inspection are possible on the range of shrink sleeve rewinders we supply.

With over 35 years in the flexible packaging industry experience and more than 10 years trading in the flexible packaging equipment market, ShrinkPack has an excellent reputation within the flexible packaging industry in the United Kingdom. We have many site references where ongoing repeat business is evident in most cases as customers have developed and built their businesses around a solid business partnership with ShrinkPack.