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Reprocad Ltd


Let us ask 4 simple questions:

  1. Do your customers ask for short-run bag production?
  2. Do your customers need multiple brands/logos?
  3. Do you over-label your bags with variable batch data?
  4. Do you outsource your printing, with long lead times?

Let us help you with all of the above......

Reprocad is the “new kid on the block” in the digital flexible packaging market.

We bring the latest technology to digital print processes – to enable the flexibility of personalized, short-run, print into many print disciplines.

Founded in 2004, and with an established track record, working with the big names in print technology, we brought innovative methods to the wide-format graphical printing market. We are now using our experience to introduce the same level of innovation to the flexible packaging industry.

We are introducing the MVZ digital printer to the UK & Ireland. The MVZ printer is powered by modified Memjet VersaPass wide format inkjet engines,and designed to print on paper and film-based flexible packaging, feeding directly into a bag making machine : or from jumbo roll-to jumbo roll, to enable feeding several lines from one MVZ printer.

This groundbreaking technology rethinks the packaging process and is designed to be used in-line with vertical form fill and seal or other types of finishing equipment. Full-color digital printing allows for customization of the packaging and, together with the in-line finishing, creates a fast and affordable packaging solution. By combining these two processes, late-stage customization is made more accessible to brands.

The opportunity for growth in the digitally printed packaging market is immense. Consumers’ demands for packaging are transforming and they are requiring stronger personal connections with brands.

The new MVZ1000 printer is the world’s first roll-to-roll unit using the 42’’ (1067mm) wide Memjet engine and is now available in the UK & Ireland.


Why now? How is the market changing?

The world is changing, product marketing is changing, there will be more and more need to update packaging as new products/new ingredients or new styles are launched to suit the changing market. There will be ever more demand for short run printing, which can only be achieved practically using digital print.

Rigoli and Reprocad are targeting this short-to-medium run market with the MVZ printer, which is printing up to 18 linear metres per minute and is capable of printing as an integrated unit in-line with a VFFS system, or printing from jumbo roll to jumbo roll in order to supply several VFFS systems.There is a huge untapped market for short run printing which has been suppressed by the need for MOQ’s (minimum order quantities) necessitated by flexo and gravure printing.

Digital print is costing more or less the same price per bag for 1 bag as 10,000 bags – no MOQ’s!

Another factor that this terrible pandemic has highlighted is the fragility of “globalisation”. Toyota, in the 1960’s and 70’ introduced the world to JIT (just in time) manufacturing, and we took this to heart, possibly too aggressively, thus reducing inventory and tied-up capital which ultimately reduced costs.

It is quite common now for a manufacturer to be bringing part or ingredients (or more importantly for us – printed packaging) from thousands of miles away. This works when it is finely tuned to meet production requirements, but goes drastically wrong when the global infrastructure is damaged by a pandemic such as this, or the SARS epidemic in the early 2000’s – or even the short-term damage caused by the volcano, Eyjafjallajökull (remember that one?).

Recessions cause havoc with marine transport as the ships do not leave port until full, airlines go bust etc. etc.

When such disruption occurs – should we be thinking of contingency plans? Digital printing in-house puts total control with the packager. Whilst digital printing will not immediately replace traditional print methods, it is certainly a growing adjunct to it.



Chartley Coffee Ltd., in Stafford, now have the MVZ printer installed in their premises and have moved away from all outsourced printed materials to in-house production on a real-time basis.

To support interest in this new, affordable, digital technology, Reprocad is hosting Open Days at Chartley’s premises later in the year, when the current Covid-19 restrictions are completely lifted. These sessions will demonstrate the benefits of in-house printing, personalization, and the efficiency of short-runs. If you would like to be on the invitation list, please contact Peter Barton, as above. Individual demonstrations will be possible and can be booked in the same way.

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