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Based in the UK, we specialise in two main product ranges, Slitting Machines and Core Cutting Machines. As well as continuing to develop our core products for improved productivity and up-to-date safety standards, we work with many companies to provide bespoke solutions too. Our experience means that by working with you a solution can be offered that meets your exact requirements.

Parkland has developed the Series R range of Core Cutting Machines to suit every requirement including Manual, Semi-Automatic through to Fully Automatic models. A range of core material can be cut from various lengths, diameters and wall thicknesses. We can offer a host of solutions for your core cutting requirements.  With our in-house design team we have worked with many customers to develop a solution to satisfy their exact requirements.

The Parkland Series R range of Manual Core Cutting Machines are practical, efficient and cost effective. They produce a clean, burr free, accurate cut with quick and easy settings for different core diameters and wall thicknesses. The ability to cut both cardboard and plastic cores makes these models ideal for the low to medium volume user.

The Parkland Series R range of Automatic Core Cutting Machines are ideal for customers looking for a high quality, accurate finish with a minimum amount of operator time in producing their cut pieces, with quick and easy settings for different core and tube diameters and wall thicknesses.

The Semi-Automatic and Automatic Core Cutters are designed to suit the medium to high volume user looking for clean accurate cut cores with reduced operator input.

Optional core loading systems can be added at point of sale or retrospectively for full automation to give a continuous cutting cycle.

The Parkland Core Notcher has the capability to notch cores in both plastic and cardboard. The machine will punch a notch in the end of each core either singly or two at a time orientated 180 degrees apart. Punched slugs are blown out automatically by a compressed air blast from the back of the punch and collected on the machine table. The tooling being designed to ensure no finger traps are possible during the punching process.

The Parkland Slitting Machine range has been developed over many years resulting in a complete range of converting equipment and solutions. Slitter Rewinders, Slitting Machines and Rewinder Machines are all designed to suit the customer’s requirement. Standard Slitting Machines such as the SM100 Narrow Width Cantilevered Slitter Rewinders and the SM150 Full Width Slitter Rewinders have been supplied worldwide. Parkland’s experienced designers have co-operated with customers to provide bespoke Slitting Machines for specific applications.  The key success to this is using Parkland’s and the customer’s expertise in their own field to provide a solution and generate a design that considers the application and return on investment.

The SM100 Slitting Machine is a popular choice for narrow width slitting of a wide range of films, laminates, label stock and paper. The unique cantilevered design means faster reel changes with easier thread-up and splicing. The result is reduced down time and improved productivity. It also means that short web runs are commercially viable. With high production speeds, accurate tension control and one man operation the versatile SM100 Slitter and Rewinding Machine offers an exceptionally cost-effective solution.

The SM150 Slitting Machine is a popular choice for full width slitting of a wide range of films, laminates, label stock and paper and is available in two versions. The entry level, Series 1 model is for simple medium speed slitting requirements; it combines versatility with effective web control, while the Series II offers high speed performance. All models in the range offer exceptional versatility without compromising accuracy or reliability. Easy thread-up and fast reel change add up to reduced downtime and greater productivity.

Our expertise is often required to work with customers on projects involving a tailor made solution.  We have partnered many leading industry converters both in the UK and internationally, with a host of Bespoke Slitter Rewinders, designed purely to their business requirements.

At Parkland, we can offer a host of solutions for your existing machinery.  We have worked with many customers in improving their productivity both in terms of output and time.

Some of the upgrades we have carried out are, Air Differential Rewind Shafts, Digital Knife Positioning Systems, Automatic Knife Setting Systems, Digital Laser Core Positioning Systems, Drive and Control Systems, Reel Handling Equipment.

We believe it to be fundamental to form a strong working relationship with our customers from enquiry through to after sales support.  We also apply the same principles throughout the supply chain with quality, reduction in lead time and cost being essential to delivering our products effectively.