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Novation, Inc.

About Us

Novation, Inc. has been serving the printing and converting industries since 2002. We are a world leader in safety and waste reduction through the automatic marking and tracking of defects. With more than 1,500 installations worldwide, Novation’s equipment has safely and accurately marked tens of millions of defects. We believe that this safe and accurate marking of defects in web fed processes, coupled with defect recording and tracking, is crucial to achieving your goal as a successful converter or printer.

Novation’s products have been an integral part of safety of waste management programs implemented by some of the world’s largest corporations. Our customers supply markets such as flexible packaging, electronics, automotive, films, tapes, non-wovens, healthcare and hygiene products and more.

All our products are designed and manufactured in our plant in Bethlehem, PA.

At Novation, we are dedicated to providing cost effective solutions to minimize accidents and maximize your productivity.



AF3 WebFlagger

  • Safely and Accurately Flags Defects at all web speeds up to 1,200 meters/minute
  • Can be activated by any Inspection System
  • Tracks Defects from Upstream Locations
  • Easily Mounts on Virtually any Printing or Converting Line


Novation's AF3 WebFlagger is the industry standard in defect marking. The AF3 WebFlagger automatically applies a pressure sensitive label or “flag” to almost any type of web moving at virtually all process speeds. The AF3 safely and accurately flags webs moving at speeds up to and above 4,000 fpm (1,200 mpm). A flag can be triggered to be applied by either an operator with the press of a button, or from almost any machine signal. There are five additional inputs which can be utilized for customer connections.




  • Applies Individually Numbered and Bar-Coded Flags
  • Creates Roll Maps with Location, Type, and Length of Defects
  • Prints Reports or Uploads Roll Map Data To A Plant LAN
  • Provides Data Used to Create Efficiency Reports


ScrapTracker uses the AF3 WebFlagger to apply pre-printed, individually numbered, and bar-coded flags on your moving web. It then records the Type, Flag number and the Locations of the Defects and Creates Digital Roll Maps. The Roll Maps can be used to find and identify the defects on a downstream process, update inventory, or create efficiency reports.




  • Connects To Downstream Processes Like Slitters or Roll Edit Machines
  • Downloads the ScrapTracker Roll Map
  • Stops The Downstream Process at Each Flag and at the Roll’s End
  • Identifies the Defect Type at Each Flag


RollCode is a system which connects to a machine such as slitter, roll doctoring machine, or wherever rolls needing scrap removed are processed. With RollCode an operator no longer needs to be stationed at the unwinding roll to look for upcoming flagged locations to stop the machine at the flags. RollCode uses the information contained in a roll map created by our ScrapTracker system to automatically stop any of these machines at each defect flag and at the roll’s end. A touch screen operator interface displays the roll map information including the flag number, the defect type and the location of the defect within the roll.



Flag Styles

Because of the wide variety of processes and materials requiring automatic flagging, we offer a variety of pressure sensitive flag styles. The flag’s adhesive is deadened on the portion which hangs off the edge of the web and protrudes out of the wound roll. This prevents the flags from sticking to idler rolls or any other object. To ensure the flags are tough enough to survive in a manufacturing environment, they are also over laminated with film after printing. Various colors, adhesive styles and constructions are available for use with our WebFlaggers.



Adjustable Slide Base

The AF3-SB26 adjustable slide base provides for 26 inches (660mm) of travel in the cross web direction.

The AF3 should be mounted on a cross member (beam) already existing on the equipment or on one installed for supporting the flagger. Four MB rail nuts are supplied which are located on the underside of the slide base.

Two are located on each of the outer slots on the lower cross beam on 5.12″ centers as shown. These should be used for moun­ting the flagger to the support beam. Since the rail nuts can slide in the channels of the base they can be positioned as needed.

Contact Information

6374 Winside Drive Bethlehem, PA 18017 USA