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KROENERT is developing, engineering and manufacturing innovative coating, drying and laminating machines for roll to roll substrates like papers, polymer films and metal foils in Germany since 1903.

The lines are consisting of individually composed modules, making every machine tailored to our customer’s needs. The wide product portfolio of KROENERT meets a vast range of application requirements in order to provide solutions for any challenge in respect of coating, drying and laminating. The end products manufactured on our machines are used in the flexible packaging industry, as technical products and clean technologies, i.e. for renewable energies.

Product Description

Complete coating and laminating machines also as stand-alone units, equipped with un- and rewinder, coating and printing station, drying technology, laminating, humidifiers, cooling sections and condensation units, etc. for coating and printing of paper, board, film, metal foil (aluminum, copper), non-woven as in- and offline modes:

Flexible Packaging, e.g.

  • Dry laminating
  • Wet laminating
  • Wax and hotmelt coating
  • PVdC coating

Technical Products, e.g.

  • Self-adhesive labels
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Protection films
  • Medicated plasters, wafer-systems
  • Specialized film lacquering

Clean Technologies (Renewable energy and environmental protection), e.g.

  • epoxy resin and impregnation for composites
  • Li-ion-batteries
  • Flexible Solar cells (e.g. OPV)
  • OLED
  • Membranes
  • Fuel cells

Technology Center

Centre for future-oriented refinement technology the KROENERT “Technology Center”, equipped with the following machines:

Reco 800 A for all solventbased, waterbased and solventless coatings, running under production conditions (max. 1.610 m/min, 1.300 mm working width)

LabCo for small scale production and development of “Clean Technologies” (max. 100 m/min, 500 mm ww)