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Innovia Films

Innovia Films is a major producer of highly differentiated speciality Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films using proprietary ‘Bubble’ and Stenter manufacturing processes.  Cast PP film is a recent addition to the portfolio.

The company holds a leading global position in the markets for high performance packaging, labelling and security films with strengths in coated and multilayer extrusion.  Innovia employs >1400 people worldwide and has production sites in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Poland and the UK.  The company is focused on high quality value added products, strong customer relationship, R&D and excellent service.

Recent substantial investment in new assets now allow us to manufacture a range of high yield BOPP films with optimum barrier performance, renewable BOPP films and films that contain recycled content.



Our Propafilm™ Strata high barrier range provides options that will aid pack simplification to enable easier recycling.  They have been designed to be a standalone mono filmic solution or, to be used in laminate constructions to be ‘recycle ready’, or recyclable in countries which have the infrastructure to recycle polypropylene films.

Propafilm™ Strata films has a very effective barrier to aroma, mineral oils and oxygen even at high relative humidity levels ensuring increased shelf life and reduced food waste.

Working with Interseroh, an independent German recycling and consulting company, our Propafilm™ Strata EVOH films have been tested and given a ‘very good’ rating.  This means they are recognised as being fully recyclable.  The film performs much better in recycling than composite films and can be added to the PP closed loop and reused.

We didn’t stop there, we also had all our uncoated and acrylic coated Propafilm™ films tested, they too achieved the same status. Innovia is well prepared for when curbside collection is introduced in the UK.


PET Replacement

Propafilm™ CHS is a thermally stable lamination film specifically developed to replace polyester in laminates.  It has high clarity and gloss and reduced shrinkage and can be printed using flexo and gravure processes.

We are already working on a large number of projects with our customers to facilitate future recycling.  These include the replacement of foil and polyester film to produce functional all polyolefin laminates.


Recycled Content

To enable a circular economy, it is of vital importance for polymer converters to introduce recycled materials into their products.  Innovia have a series of projects that includes recycled polymer into their films.

Two different technologies are available to turn consumer and industry waste back into PP granules.  Chemically recycled polymer has the advantage that it gives full food compliance and the materials performance is exactly like that of virgin polymer.  Unfortunately, little polymer of this type is currently available, although Innovia has access to quantities of chemically recycled polymer to convert into film now.

Mechanically recycled polymer has the challenge of food compliance.  There are many areas where this is not a problem, such as in tape, labels and non-food packaging applications.  Availability of mechanically recycled polymer of a suitable quality is rare; but collection of flexible film at the curb side will change this.  Accessible ISO 14021 (2016) compliant polymers are starting to become available and there is a clear roadmap to food compliance.

The inclusion of recycled material at 30% will enable producers to be exempt from the proposed upcoming taxation, but more importantly will accelerate the move to a more circular economy.



Our new range of highly functional renewable OPP Encore films can be carbon neutral we have calculated using our in-house Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) programme.

The renewable polymer for Encore is managed through ISCC PLUS chain of custody on a mass balance and cradle to gate basis as certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC Plus) programme.  They are manufactured using renewable non-food based raw materials, helping to reduce the use of fossil based virgin raw materials.

The Encore packaging and labelling film range will have exactly the same properties as equivalent fossil based BOPP film - high clarity and gloss, high stiffness, excellent water vapour barrier and printability.  They are suitable for use in all market segments currently using BOPP films.

Encore has already been assessed by Interseroh and has received their highest rating, confirming they too are fully recyclable.


UK Manufacturing

Any BOPP films manufactured in Europe and then sold to UK customers could be impacted in the event of a no trade deal.  However, as a large UK based manufacturer, we can investigate, where technically possible, to produce and supply those films in the UK.  This would mean that lead times and delivery would remain unaffected.

If you currently source any BOPP films from a European supplier, and you would like to source a UK manufactured alternative, please get in touch with your Innovia Films contact to see how we can help.

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