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Hanbury Autogil

Hanbury-Autogil has built an excellent reputation over many years in providing precision-engineered converting machines and production components – currently servicing markets across Europe and rest of World.


What We Do

Located in Devon, UK, Hanbury-Autogil has a highly experienced team of engineers with expertise across myriad of fields. They can solve complex manufacturing requirements either through the supply of precision components to the design and manufacture of machines.

The combination of a highly experienced team and the latest machine tools result in the ability to meet and surpass the expectations of clients, consistently.

The Company prides itself in being able to service the demands of large-scale OEM’s operating in industries which span from Rail Networks to the Medical Sectors.

The company operates over a 2-shift pattern – delivering high-quality parts to the exact specification of clients. Significant growth has occurred due to this and now the exacting standards demanded by the pharmaceutical, rail and heavy plant industries are being consistently met – Especially the electrically and hydraulically powered drive and transmission equipment used in the construction industry.

The ‘Autogil’ range of machines includes Sheeters, Flat-Bed Die Cutters and Laser Cutting System.

Now there are a large variety of industries and applications throughout the world using Autogil machines where their introduction has shown considerable savings in production costs.

Furthermore, Hanbury-Autogil offers a complete in-house solution which delivers a distinct advantage over their competitors. Design, Fabrication, Component Manufacture, Assembly and Commissioning are all undertaken under one roof. Therefore facilitating the highest level of symmetry across all stages of production and ensures an exceptional level of quality down to the finest intricacies of the system.

More broadly speaking, this unique competitive advantage permits them to be particularly responsive to any changes in the specification that their customers may require beyond the initial design stage.


Autogil Machines

Hanbury-Autogil is the sole manufacturer of the tried & trusted range of ‘Autogil’ Cutting & Converting machinery. Their engineered systems span a wide cross-section of industry and have expertise in working with many different materials. These include Papers, Films, PTFE, PET (Plastics), Rubber, Polyester, PVC, Card, Fibres, Engineered Foam, Cork, Metals, Siliconised Steel.


Production Engineering

The Precision Engineering facility is equipped with an impressive range of CNC Machine Tools operating over 2 shifts. A dedicated Inspection Department ensures the exacting standards of their customers are satisfied. The service is fully ISO9001:2015 accredited.


Autogil Converting Machines

The tried and trusted range of 'Autogil' machines has been established under the 'Autogil' name for over 60 years.



The Autogil range of Sheeters and cutting systems encompass a highly versatile and very precise shear cutting mechanism. This action enables a diverse cross-section of materials to be cut.


Flat-Bed Die Cutters

The robust range of presses provide a very precise die cutting action, allowing customers to kiss-cut consistently onto the thinnest of carrier webs. All systems can be configured to suit the exact needs of the application.


Laser Cutting Systems

Full laser systems encompassing both C02 & Fibre sources can be designed and manufactured by Hanbury-Autogil. Their X/Y gantries can operate at micron level position accuracy with very dynamic move speeds.


Special Purpose Machines

Utilising the in-house design capacity both in mechanical and electrical engineering bespoke machines can be designed and manufactured to solve complex production needs.


Spares, Service and Refurbs

With a large number of stock components, all Autogil machine can be serviced no matter what their age. Servicing and full refurbishments can be offered across the range.

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Hanbury Autogil, Bradley Lane, Newton Abbot, Devon
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