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GOEBEL IMS has been at the forefront of mechanical engineering and construction for over a century and is a leading provider of slitter rewinders, automatic un- and rewinder as well as inspection rewinders for a wide range of materials. Using the latest technology, GOEBEL IMS develops high-performance machines for manufacturing and converting alufoil, aseptic packaging material, film, paper and board, tobacco and other special materials.

In order to provide the very best quality in its products and services, GOEBEL IMS uses the latest innovations, many years of experience, technical expertise and great dedication in a wide range of application fields. GOEBEL IMS center’s its work on the task which the machines have to fulfil in the customer’s converting process.

GOEBEL IMS machines are developed and manufactured at the production facilities in Darmstadt and Calcinate. Manufacturers and converters of a variety of industries rely on machines from GOEBEL IMS. Satisfied customers over many years and more than 11,000 machines sold are the best reference we could ask for.


OPTIWIND – The Efficient two-drum winder for paper and board

With its completely renewed two-drum slitter and rewinder OPTIWIND, GOEBEL IMS offers a machine for the pulp and paper industry that can be applied to a variety of papers, from very thin and delicate paper up to thick paper board. Through a hydraulic system, the pressure of the independently driven rider roller can be adjusted to handle thin papers like filter paper or tea-bag paper but also packing paper and thick paperboard for cores. The OPTIWIND offers a wide range of features that can be customized such as automatic knife positioning, automatic core loading, restarting and unloading systems. While guaranteeing excellent quality, the OPTIWIND allows a maximum production speed of up to 3000 m/min. For short orders, the OPTIWIND features a series of devices to make the in-feeding of the web into the machine extremely fast and easy, thus maximizing the productivity even in the most unfavourable working conditions.

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XTRASLIT 2 – Innovative, high-end slitter rewinder for film and paper converting

GOEBEL IMS’ high-tech product XTRASLIT 2 guarantees outstanding efficiency and winding quality. It is designed for a working width of up to 3,600 mm and can convert material thicknesses of between 2 and 400 µm. In the process, the system permits speeds of up to 1,200 m/min, depending on the material.

The modular machine concept with a large number of individual technical features allows particular flexibility. The machine covers almost any customer requirement and can be configured in any way requested – from the cost-effective basic model to advanced custom designs. The machine’s slitting options are just as flexible and allow, among others and according to the material, burst cutting as well as razor blade and circular knife cutting.

Thanks to its compact design, the XTRASLIT 2 provides maximum performance and safety in a minimum of space. The web tension can easily be separated from the unwind tension in the machine’s winding station. To do this, GOEBEL IMS uses a unique wrap-around angle of more than 450° on two consecutive rollers in the web travel. Both processes are unique and guarantee premium results in converting a wide range of films and papers.

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T 2–  The Slitter Rewinder for Paper and Aseptic Packaging Industries

Slitter rewinders in the T 2 series suit the expectations of both paper and aseptic packaging converters. They offer the industry’s best price-performance ratio for converting solutions. More than 120 machines have already been built for applications in different converting industries which turns the T 2 into a long-lasting success story.

The T 2 slitter rewinder series converts coated and uncoated papers, special papers and board as well as aseptic packaging materials. With its unique slitting concept, a perfect roll separation can be achieved. All machines of this series work with a single-shaft centre-driven winding concept equipped with an idle, lay-on roller. They can be used as a bi-directional inspection rewinder for repairing telescoped or damaged rolls as well as detecting defections. A totally electric version without hydraulic is available. Additional feature is a complete automatic version T 2 D which provides a handling and conveyor system to increase productivity.

Machines of the T2 series convert a large variety of paper, specialty paper, board and aseptic packaging materials in a reliable and highly efficient manner. The ergonomic and extremely flexible machine design that can be adapted to each customer’s specific requirements offers the best price-performance ratio for converting solutions.

More Information about the T 2:


RA 2 – The Slitter Rewinder for Technical and Special Paper Converting Industries

Fine and delicate papers such as technical papers need special care and handling in the converting processGOEBEL IMS’ RA 2 has been especially designed to handle these pressure sensitive, coated materials such as siliconized paper, inkjet paper, thermal paper as well as any kind of paper or paperboard.

The RA 2 is a remarkable slitter rewinder with two opposed and independent single-shaft centre rewinding stations with idle lay-on rollers. It combines the advantages of the single shaft machine concept, that is a fast reel-change and easy new core loading, with the possibility to reach web widths of up to 3,000 mm while maintaining a narrow slitting width of 80 mm.

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RU 1 - The Multi-purpose Slitter Rewinder for Thin and Delicate Materials

The slitter rewinder RU 1 with central-drum and center-surface winding on two independent  shafts is extremely versatile. The RU 1 covers the entire range of applications and processes materials like aluminum foil (lacquered or printed), film (laminated or non-laminated) or thin papers.

Even with minimal slitting widths of 5 mm, the sophisticated RU 1 guarantees a perfect separation of finished rolls. The short distance between rewind and slitting section and the state-of-the-art control system contribute to optimize rewinding and to maintain a regular and stable web tension.

A RU 1 M version is also available, specifically adapted for thin papers and narrow slitting widths, working as a single shaft machine and a RU 1 V version, with an automated layout for high productivity and a very ergonomic design.

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