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Fraser Anti-Static Techniques

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques provide high quality cost effective Static Control solutions for the industrial market.

While many of our competitors operate under a “one size fits all” strategy, we recognise that there is a genuine need within the Manufacturing and Converting space for products which are specifically designed to meet the challenges (and hip pockets) of this industry.

Static Electricity can, if left unchecked, cause numerous issues in industrial processes. The build-up of static electricity typically occurs during contact and separation of non-conductive materials such as plastic or synthetic sheets. This build-up can be compounded by passing these materials at high speed over rollers. Rapid heat change can also generate static electricity and all of these things tend to occur at some stage of the converting process.

Due in part to the demands from Converters and Equipment Manufacturers for a high quality cost effective solution to these issues, Fraser Anti-Static Techniques continues to invest significant resources into the research and development of world leading industrial static control solutions. We understand our customers’ needs and we understand the importance of delivering exactly what we promise when we promise. It is the reliability and quality of our products and the industry experience behind them that make Fraser Anti-Static Techniques the static control solution provider of choice for manufacturers and converters world-wide.

Our Long Range Static Eliminators provide measurably greater performance than other comparable alternatives. This is achieved through the combination of clever manufacture, robust design, quality components and most importantly, incredible value for money. Conveniently utilising 24V DC, the 3024-L, when positioned as far as 500mm from a Winder, can achieve complete neutralisation of the reel without any air assistance. This makes them the ideal product for all sorts of Unwind and Rewind applications.


3024 The future of Anti-Static technology

Speed: The 3024F independently tested – can reduce a 50kV charge to below 1kV at a speed of 1000m/minute at distance of 50mm.

Winders: The 3024L has now been installed on over 200 film winders of all types. Using 24V DC supply through the slip ring can also provide a solution to the difficult problem of turret rewinders.

Certifications: The 3024 is the only bar of its type to have international approvals from UL, and the CB international product passport from the IEC. This has allowed it to make full use of its 24V supply and be independent of local voltages.

For work at closer ranges, Fraser Anti-Static Techniques have developed the 1250 Series. Resistively coupled to facilitate neutralising high charges at fast speeds, the 1250 Static Eliminator range combines the highest performance with market-leading reliability and is the perfect partner for modern high productivity machinery in the plastics, printing and converting industries. The 1250 Series are truly versatile, completely sealed, washable, compact and easy to install. They are also available as an ATEX certified Bar for use in Hazardous Areas which makes them a leading choice for many of our customers.

The output from Converters and Manufacturing businesses varies greatly in size, quantity and scope, which is why Fraser Anti-Static Techniques have taken care to provide a wide variety of static control and static generation solutions. If you would like to see the full range or learn about a solution for your industry in greater detail, why not visit our website or send us an e-mail.

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