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Ferrarini & Benelli

Ferrarini & Benelli is a leading Italian manufacturer in the field of Corona and Plasma surface treatment.  The company was formed in 1965 and its headquarters are located at Romanengo in Cremona.  Ferrarini & Benelli’s well-established position as a leader in the field of Corona treatment has been consolidated with the introduction of Plasma technology more than 10 years ago.

Over the course of time, Ferrarini & Benelli treating stations have proven essential for the printing, converting, flexible packaging and other industries.  As the world’s flexible packaging manufacturers constantly research new technologies and materials to develop sustainable strategies to keep up with the pace of change, Ferrarini & Benelli is always striving to adapt and to offer both standard and bespoke solutions.  In close cooperation with machinery and material suppliers, we keep abreast of the market’s needs and focus our developments in terms of environmental impact, cost efficiency and ease-of-use.

Trained and qualified in-house, our project teams handle all stages from design to assembly, supply and after-sales support.  We can offer sample testing to enable us to determine the best solution for the customer’s material.  We evaluate the effectiveness of the corona or plasma treatment and can customise the solution to conform to the specific process or application.  We are always willing to develop individual solutions and provide technical assistance.

Ferrarini & Benelli products are known and sold all over the world.

Corona Surface Treatment

Corona surface treatment increases the adhesion of inks, adhesives, lacquers and other coatings used in the processing of flexible packaging.  Ferrarini & Benelli has developed treatment systems for the following fields of application:

Blown film extrusion: single or double-sided treatment for LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and multilayer films.

Cast extrusion:  high speed single and double-sided treatment for OPP, CPP, BOPP, PE Sheet extrusion:  single and double-sided treatment of rigid and hollow sheets.

Foil extrusion: single and double-sided treatment of semi-rigid foil or foam.

Pipe extrusion: patented system for the treatment of pipe interiors for district heating and improvement of the bonding of polyurethane foam.

Laminating and Coating: treatment to improve the bonding of solvent-based/solventless and water-based adhesives.

Flexographic and Rotogravure printing: improves the bonding of solvent and water-based inks with traditional drying, UV and EB systems

Extrusion coating: treatment improves the bonding of PE coating on substrates such as paper and aluminium.

Narrow web: used for printing labels and adhesive tapes.

Non-noise effect: corona treatment enables the adhesive tape producer to reduce the noise caused as the tape is dispensed.

Production of cables, pipes, sections: corona treatment increases the surface tension and improves the bonding of inkjet printing or adhesives.

Panel Production: corona treatment for sheet metal panels.

More than 10,000 corona treatment stations manufactured by Ferrarini & Benelli are in use all over the world.


Our experienced technical team is specialised in matching the correct generator to the treater according to the material specification and customer’s requirements.

We are currently developing a new and improved super-efficient generator.

Dyne Products

Ferrarini & Benelli offers a range of product designed to measure surface tension and determine whether treatment has been effective.


In 2018, Ferrarini & Benelli was ranked amongst the best performing SMEs of Italy’s Lombardy region and received the Felix Industry Award.  The company is active internationally, growing its sales network and regularly participating in exhibitions in the fields of plastics, printing, packaging and converting.  This year, the company is celebrating 55 years in business and continuing to offer customers efficient, sustainable, eco-friendly and innovative products.

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Ferrarini & Benelli Via del Commercio 22 26014 Romanengo (CR) Italy