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Cotek Papers Ltd

Cotek is a leading European manufacturer of specialist release paper and film, concentrating principally on two side and differential silicone coatings produced on the latest generation of solvent free coating machinery. We specialise in accurate and stable silicone release coatings on all types of paper, PET, HDPE, metallised PET, blown coloured PP, MOPP and BOPP film.


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Finished product can be jumbo reels up to 1600mm wide with 100% solids solvent free thermal cure or aqueous thermal cure, and 1300mm wide for inerted UV cure. Pre-slit coils can be offered as narrow as 14mm on film and 10mm on paper.

Sheets or cut shapes are also catered for. Cotek has the ability to back print or print under the silicone in one colour.

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