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Cast Aluminum Solutions designs & manufactures precision-engineered thermal components for critical heating and cooling applications. OEMs in the converting, laminating and printing industry rely on CAS for custom die head heaters, ink heaters, curing heaters, viscosity modulation heaters, and warming devices for glues, adhesives, and solvents. Custom shapes to fit unique forms & functions can be manufactured with integrated heating elements and cooling tubes. Standard inline heater products include our CAST-X Circulation Heaters, and our PUR-X High Purity Heaters.   The CAST-X Heater line is available in 8 primary sizes, from 1 to 60 kW, and has low watt density heating elements, and a fluid flow-path that accommodates long dwell times: these are ideal for inks and coatings that must be warmed, but have ceiling temperatures that cannot be exceed. The PUR-X Inline Heater features a removable, field-replaceable flowtube made of Teflon. The convenience of the removable flow-tube is great for maintaining fluid line cleanliness, but the PFA tube material is also capable of withstanding acidic solvents that some other materials cannot.

The CAST-X Circulation Heater line and the PUR-X Inline Heater are unique because they use an ‘indirect heating’ method. With this approach, the heated fluid never touches the heating element. Heated media is isolated in the heater’s helical-wound flow-tube, never contacting the heating element or any other component within the heater.

The CAST-X Heater line features seamless 316 grade stainless steel flow-lines. The PUR-X Inline Heater features a PFA flowtube. These innovations in fluid heating, ink heating, and warming of low-flashpoint solvents work together to position CAS as a leader in fluid temperature control. For very specialized curing and gas heating applications, our CAST-X High Temp heaters have operating temps as high as 600°C.

At Cast Aluminum Solutions, our Engineering and Design Department sets us apart. Customers rely on this team to solve their most complex liquid and gas heating challenges. CAS Engineers utilize these tools to optimize the performance of each component we make, ensuring complete customer satisfaction: Finite Element Analysis (for thermal & structural simulations), SolidWorks 3-D CAD Modeling, and CFD Modeling of molds and casting processes.

The Cast Aluminum Solutions R&D Tech Center features X-Ray and Ultrasound imaging, to ensure high-quality, low-porosity castings.   For advanced function products, in-house Helium Leak and Vacuum Chamber evaluation tools can be employed.

The primary Cast Aluminum Solutions thermal component manufacturing facility in Batavia, IL (USA), is ISO Certified and has the ability to manufacture high-volume components to precise specifications. Computer-mapped Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM inspection machines) are utilized to inspect all critical products.

CAS focuses on high-volume thermal products, but small low-volume orders are also welcome. Please investigate our Rapid Fabrication Program if interested in prototypes, proof-of-concept components, and low-volume replacement parts.   Our new Rapid Fab Program uses a menu-driven system to assign heating element specs, substrate materials, and wiring components, all while leaving accommodations for the customer’s unique machining & form/fit specifications.

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CAS serves OEMs worldwide through our manufacturing and design offices near Chicago, and via Sales Engineers in the UK, mainland Europe, and Asia.

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Cast Aluminum Solutions: Precision-Engineered Thermal Components from Concept to Production.