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BALDWIN Vision Systems

BALDWIN Vision Systems (BVS) designs and manufactures the industry’s most advanced color management and inspection technology solutions to help you achieve print quality perfection. By automating your workflows, we help you manage increasingly complex requirements and exacting standards. We enable you to dramatically reduce waste, prove your print quality, and reduce customer rebates…delivering a fast return on investment that will make a major impact on your bottom line.


Among the BVS automated solutions:


Color Measurement with DeltaCam™ delivers affordable, accurate inline spectral measurement to achieve absolute color consistency. Packaging converters can utilize automated, full spectral value measurement—in agreement with ISO standards—on film, paper, or board, ensuring that all printed products are within their customers’ color specifications.


ColorTrack™ ‘color expert in a box’ software facilitates fast, accurate press-side correction of ink formulations. ColorTrack automates the process of delivering absolute consistency from press-to-press, shift-to-shift, and plant-to-plant. Significant advancements include options for customized ‘out of tolerance’ alerts, capabilities to reduce changeover time and leftover ink, precise calculation of required ink quantities during job setup, per-job monitoring of real ink costs, and the ability to manage conditions across different processes, presses, and facilities to guarantee brand color fidelity. New data gathering, production monitoring, and reporting tools will enable quality managers to deliver full production overviews to print buyers and brand owners.


Using InkWeigh™ software and scales, press operators can eliminate trial and error by weighing and tracking ink corrections at the press for each client, each job. Printers can fully track ink inventories for the creation of new recipes, for managing leftovers, for ensuring full traceability, and for optimizing ink storage to greatly reduce waste and cost.


Guardian PQV advanced inspection is a feature-rich system that provides true 100 percent print inspection for pharmaceutical, converting, label, flexo, wide, and narrow web applications. At home on any press or slitter/rewinder, the system provides unparalleled power and accuracy through defect detection, OCR/OCV, bar code grading and verification, dimensional gauging and much more. Recent enhancements to the Guardian PQV include automated setup and automated job changeover—limiting operator intervention for a more efficient and accurate inspection process.


Guardian RTM is a new real-time quality monitoring and reporting tool for the Guardian PQV advanced print inspection system. Guardian RTM uses a central server to monitor, collect, and display real-time inspection data for multiple presses and jobs—and even across multiple plants—on a simple, uncluttered dashboard user interface. This data-connecting technology allows printers to track and compare many different production metrics. Press managers can monitor changes as they happen, and make highly-informed decisions about print quality, defect management, and even operator-to-operator performance. This is a unique competitive advantage, in that it’s truly the first product of its kind to tie together how you manage your processes, your print customers, and even your people. You’re empowered to quickly identify any mechanical issues, process inefficiencies, or even tailor your operator training to eliminate defects.


Guardian OLP PDF proofing and off-line inspection system can automatically find and highlight differences in print quality from an approved master image. The Guardian OLP can compare a one-up electronic file or scan to a multi-up electronic file or scan. This system will detect printing defects, such as missing or extra print, pre-press errors, plate defects and color variations.


Graphic-Vision® 500 Series web viewers are easy-to-use systems designed with industrial, high-performance parts. These systems feature long-lasting LED lighting, making them perfect for high-speed applications. The GV-530 offers advanced camera multi, programmed and combination positioning, in addition to automatic lateral and linear scanning.


Performance-proven Autotron is a highly-robust, industry-renowned register system that enables packaging converters to offer increased print quality. With greater sensitivity and optimum control over register errors at every stage of the printing process, packaging converters achieve perfect register, reduced waste, and a solid return on investment. Autotron has been designed as a ‘plug and play’ system, requiring minimal installation time and operator training. The modernized system ensures a seamless transition for printers looking to benefit from the latest in print register technology.

The new Vision Systems business unit of BALDWIN Technology Company, Inc. unites former brands PC Industries, QuadTech, and Web Printing Controls into a print technology powerhouse—the world’s leading innovator of advanced color and inspection technology. BALDWIN Vision Systems sells its automated control systems in more than 100 countries, and maintains a worldwide network of sales and service operations. For your convenience, our sales and service offices are located throughout the United States, Europe, China, Japan and India.