DG press unveils plans for Drupa 2016

DG Press LogoDG press will be showcasing its range of products and services at Drupa, with the newest technologies and a wide range of services for Drent Goebel machines presented at the company’s stand (10D02) in Hall 10.

At the booth, DG press exhibits a new Thallo printing unit and a refurbished Vision unit. A service engineer will be present at the stand to answer questions of customers, next to the sales force of DG press.

DG press recently expanded its service range with a free of charge business scan, the company also develops a new webshop for spare-parts which will be shown at Drupa.

“We want to focus on providing information about our key activities, which are services and producing new and refurbished printing presses,” explained DG press’s fellow-director Peter Kloppers. “It is highly expensive and irresponsible to bring a complete machine of around 40 metres to the show, while our headquarters is just a few steps away from Düsseldorf.

“We think it is the wisest choice to showcase the Thallo printing press at our production facility in the Netherlands,” added DG press’s fellow-director Remko Koolbergen.

During Drupa, four days will be scheduled for factory visits for customers to see a live-demonstration of the new Thallo web offset printing press. There will also be a demonstration at the booth, supported by a video of the Thallo printing press.

The factory visits will take place on every Monday and Friday during the weeks of the Drupa exhibition, starting on May 30. A two-way shuttle service will be offered at a fixed time, to bring people to the DG press production facility. The trip from Düsseldorf to DG press’s factory will take about two hours by car. This service is only available to people who have registered in advance.

The Thallo printing press was launched during DG press’s Open House event back in June. At this event the company sold its third Thallo printing press that will be shown at the production facility of DG press during Drupa 2016.

The main areas of improvement of the press were stabilisation, waste reduction, adhesion of the ink on flexible materials, and a new user-interface with input of stored historical data. One of the new features is the ability to move its web backwards. The Thallo will save a web-length of material that is in the machine per stop. The new user interface and the Thallo’s ability to store data makes it possible to look into the values that are used in previous jobs. Therefore it is easy for operators to use the settings again for printing their next job.