Derschlag champions GEW UV system for energy savings

GEW's UV system at Derschlag
GEW’s UV system at Derschlag

DERSCHLAG Folienverarbeitung is headquartered in Bad Berleburg, near the industrial centres of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, and has a longstanding tradition in the conversion of aluminium foil, plastic films and paper.

The company looks back over fifty years of experience in the printing and converting industry. DERSCHLAG holds ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, and was granted BRC-IoP in 2013.

With over 50 staff, DERSCHLAG group provides high-end aluminium foils and plastic films to Europe’s cosmetics, dairy and pharmaceutical industries with exports going to some 40 countries worldwide. To deliver the precision quality and complexity expected by the major brand-owners and retailers, the firm uses two 45-cm wide Gallus EM 410 flexo presses equipped with GEW E2C UV curing systems on all print stations with chill rollers, complete with finishing techniques.

The challenges that DERSCHLAG met was its clients’ growing demand for customisation, special series and use of low migration inks conforming with regulations for food packaging.

Michael Scholz Jr., authorised officer at DERSCHLAG, said: “Integrating the GEW UV system with our MIS enabled us to develop a digital flexo workflow.”

With the GEW E2C system DERSCHLAG achieves better temperature control, higher productions speeds and improved curing performance and was able to satisfy these stringent requirements and generate fresh turnover with new and established customers in the pharmaceutical and food industries by proposing a wider product offering and limited production runs at attractive prices.

Scholz added: “With the RHINO electronic power supply we experienced a significant reduction in our energy consumption in line with our efforts for ISO 14001 compliance and the German official policy of preference for alternative energy sources.”

The RHINO ArcLED is upgradable to LED UV lamps and is supplied, as standard, with GEW’s Embedded Service package which allows remote monitoring of the systems’ running condition, allowing the manufacturer’s service engineers to detect and correct out of tolerance parameters. This type of remote preventive maintenance ensures the entire UV system operates at peak performance at all times, thus avoiding unplanned machine stoppages.

The decision in favour of the GEW UV system was largely due to DERSCHLAG’s desire to ensure larger investments only go into proven performance technologies.

With its main factory in England, and subsidiaries in the US, Germany and India, GEW is one of the world leaders in manufacturing robust, energy-efficient UV curing systems for printing and coating applications.