Demotour with complete intelligent static control

How to achieve full intelligent control of static electricity in your production process? That is possible to see now … thanks to the demo truck with our IQ Easy Platform! Read how the IQ Easy Platform offers a total solution for problems with static electricity and follow the tour through Europe.

Touring with intelligent static control

Started in March 2019, our Demo truck visits 11 countries throughout Europe, during 10 months, to show a static control simulation in production. The simulation consists of a flat extrusion, coating (ATEX) and a wrapping machine.
We started on the world’s leading exhibition for paper, film & foil converting ICE Europe 2019 in Münich from 12-14 March 2019. The duration of the DEMOTOUR 2019 is from March to December.

From our representative in Poland:

“Lots of amazing smiles!”

The Demotour was from May 20. till June 7. 2019 in Poland. More than 200 people visited the Demo Truck. And not only on site but also at the Plastpol exhibition in Kielce. The overall reaction on the demonstration was very positive and a lot of amazing smiles on faces! In fact, for most of the companies, it was also training about electrostatic and how to solve problems in production lines.

“It was nice to have the Demo Truck and to show not only to maintenance people but also to people from the Health and Safety Department, Quality Managers and Engineers, etc.. It was very positive! I know for sure that at the next Plastpol we would like to have the truck on KM stand to demonstrate in Poland again.”In the simulation in the Demo Truck are components included that ensure complete control of static electricity, Simco-Ion’s unique IQ Easy Platform.

What makes the IQ Easy Platform so unique?

The Simco-ion IQ Easy system that covers the whole machine or process will:

  • highly improve quality,
  • speed up manufacturing,
  • reduce waste,
  • and improve efficiencies by making the static control secure and precise.

Warnings and alarms, data and action logging enables the customer to control the production, plan maintenance to prevent unnecessary downtime and prevent waste.

“Simco-Ion IQ Easy system components are designed with the highest quality and durability standards. An extended 4-year warranty demonstrates the confidence in a long-lasting operation to customers.”

 The IQ Easy Platform connects up to 30 anti-static devices into a network via Manager IQ Easy. It gives its users full control of all operational parameters remotely from a simple management interface. The platform also enables connected devices to interact with each other to improve efficiency. The products, which include anti-static bars and static-charging equipment, have 24V DC supply. There are modes to optimise the system to users’ specific applications.

Minimising corrective actions and rework will save time and increase efficiency and result in less or no waste material. Fast access to all static control related process parameters also means less waste, and less time lost during changeover.
Active control and efficiency monitoring the static control system provides dependability. It also paves the way for optimum performance of the manufacturing processes.

Run at the highest speed possible!

Guaranteed efficiency also means operator and process safety. All static control equipment working in optimum condition and static electricity levels being actively monitored. This keeps operators safe and prevents situations that risk-reducing productivity.

Keeping static electricity at safe levels, particularly in explosion hazardous areas (ATEX) enables manufacturing processes to run at the highest possible speed with no interruptions or possible dangerous situations.


Industry 4.0 realisation

Simco-Ion tested the system in multiple scenarios and have implemented it to take it to the next stage of industry 4.0. The system connects to customers’ IT system, enabling it to transfer data easily and giving the customer greater control over processes.

From our representative in Germany:

Demo Truck in Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt

In the first weeks of April, the Demotour of Simco-Ion stopped at film manufacturers and manufacturers of extrusion and winding machines in Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.

More than 50 participants were shown how ionizers can work optimally in communication with a measuring sensor, how reliable monitoring of the ionization performance is possible and how data (for example via the PLC of the machine) can also be incorporated into the production chain with regard to Industry 4.0.

More information about the Demotour?
If you have any questions about our IQ Easy Platform or the Demotour 2019, please contact us or contact the representative in your area.