Delta ModTech on display at Labelexpo 2015

sample products smallAsk any converter or contract packager about the capabilities needed on web converting and packaging machinery and ‘versatility’ will be at the top of the list. For some companies, this means fast changeover from one job to another; in others, it may mean having similar machines with significantly different features that allow for greater efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Whatever the reason, versatility takes priority and being able to use one machine in multiple ways provides the option to offer more services or expand to new markets.

One internationally-known manufacturer of medical and cosmetic devices maintains productivity with multiple Delta ModTech machines while integrating many types of jobs and other services. One machine is used to manufacture the leads used in Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs). Another installs snaps used for connecting electrical leads needed in a medical application, while another laminates multiple layers of material or spreads a hydrogel on a film.

All are managed and controlled by Delta ModTech’s modular software that enables operators to run multiple machines; the software works in much the same way even though the functions differ widely. This ensures a short learning curve for operators and enhances productivity as a result.

Delta ModTech will be on display at Labelexpo 2015 in Brussels, from September 30 to October 2. Hall 6 Stand E51.


showmachineThe Delta ModTech Difference

Delta ModTech says there are more critical things to consider when offering flexible machines, such as being able to achieve accurate registration for mechanical and laser cutting and trimming operations, reducing waste, and delivering quality finished products in a minimal amount of time. Still more important is the ability to help companies expand into new markets. It all begins with how the machine is designed.

Delta ModTech has a way of thinking like a fabricator or converter, notes one customer that develops products using pressure sensitive adhesives. “They are a true partner and quick to give feedback on any project,” says the company’s director of engineering. “They understand the big picture and can take a different approach, even if it might not be the usual way of doing something.”

Based on its unique modular technology (ModTech) and designed to precise specifications, Delta ModTech systems provide adaptable platforms for web converting, packaging and finishing. Faster turnarounds, a shorter time to market, and the ability to take advantage of new opportunities are key reasons why converters and manufacturers choose Delta ModTech for versatile automation solutions.

“The difference with Delta ModTech is in the level of automation and the speed and reliability of the machines,” describes a producer of medical and cosmetic products. “Although the machines are customised, we can still add capability or change part of a process. Their engineers understand our needs and developing a new process with them is very interactive.”

A label converter agrees, recalling a weekly job that required nearly one hour for trimming 50,000 ft of material using a semi-rotary cutter. “We put in a hard tool and now it takes 17 minutes. Being able to change from a semi-rotary die to a hard tool and be running in under 30 minutes is an important advantage.”

Reliability is another critical factor. Delta ModTech can remotely diagnose and even repair many issues. “On one occasion, the Delta ModTech engineer used their Remote Service to take care of an issue in about an hour,” says the label converter. “Another time Delta ModTech actually sent us a part because they didn’t feel it was running as well as it could. They told how the machine operator could install it.”

The advantages in productivity and flexibility have meant growth for many customers. “Delta ModTech lets us offer things we’ve never been able to offer before,” says one customer, whose business has increased three-fold over five years.

By understanding customer needs, Delta ModTech’s flexible automation technologies have launched more than 1,000 systems used by medical, pharmaceutical, label, RFID, and packaging manufacturers. At Delta ModTech, customisation is business as usual, performance and innovation come as standard, and passion is in the its DNA.


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