Decolabel endorses GEW UV system for reliability and productivity

Decolabel's new Nilpeter GEW UV machine
Decolabel’s new Nilpeter GEW UV machine

Dutch company Decolabel has installed an additional UV printing press to boost the reliability of its production and overall efficiency.

Decolabel is a family-run business, founded in 1989 in Roosendaal, in the Netherlands. Its product range includes labelling solutions and self-adhesive specialty labels for a variety of industries. The company employs 28 staff and due to its convenient location near the border with Belgium, Decolabel enjoys significant cross-border business with its neighbouring country, as well as France and Germany. 50 per cent of the production goes to export markets in other nearby countries.

In 2014 Decolabel installed a brand new Nilpeter flexo machine with a GEW UV curing system: an FA-4* 8-colour press with eight 45cm-wide GEW UV-curing positions, four hot air dryers, a double die-cutting unit and a cross-over unit handling Zeller+Gmelin inks on substrates between 75 and 350µm.

The decision in favour of the GEW UV system was largely due to Decolabel’s desire to ensure new investments go only into reliable, future-proof technologies. All of the printing machines at Decolabel are fitted with GEW UV curing systems.

Leander Dekker, production manager at Decolabel, explained: “Our objective was to increase our production speed, allow for very fast job-changes, while at the same time maintaining our high quality levels at competitive prices. GEW’s UV system conclusively offered that package of efficiency, reliability and consistent productivity.”

With the GEW E2C system, Decolabel is able to generate fresh turnover with new and established customers by further improving on its offer for sandwich labels and multiple-layer labels including special UV varnishes and glue-killers. “We are able to achieve very high scratch resistance which is important to our customers with high demand labels,” added Dekker.

The GEW UV system based on the high efficiency E2C unit brings the additional benefits of fast burn-in and shutdown times with long production runs without unscheduled stoppages.

GEW is a worldwide manufacturer of robust, energy-efficient UV curing systems for printing and coating applications. GEW UV systems are engineered for operation in challenging environments. The company is headquartered in England, with subsidiaries in the US, Germany and India, and it operates a network of international distributors worldwide.