Dealing with an unexpected peak in demand

We hear a lot about planning for expected peaks in demand but in the present environment it has never been more relevant. Antalis Packaging wants to reassure the market that it has solutions that are ready for these difficult challenges and that can keep products moving in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

Some of the challenges you may experience as demand for packaging increases includes: how to keep products moving, maintaining quality and efficiency and keeping costs under control.

Rebecca Tunstall, Marketing Manager – Antalis Packaging explains how Antalis is helping with solutions for packing, protecting, storing, dispatching or transporting:

We understand the pressure distribution may be under at the moment and whilst it is not practical or responsible to meet face to face we want to reassure customers that we have solutions that can help.

We recommend analysing data from the start of any peak, to create a clear picture of fast moving products and projections for the coming weeks and months. This information can be used to make sure you have enough packaging stock and to allocate resources including labour, space and shipping.

Review your entire packaging operation and warehouse set-up. Often one small change can make a big difference to efficiency and help to keep costs low in times when order volumes are high.

Adding machinery or automation to your packaging process can instantly speed up packaging times. This can include anything from pallet wrappers, case erectors and sealers to strapping equipment.

Consider using online ordering options so you can quickly reorder stock as it’s needed – new clients can register directly for an account on Antalis’ website.

Look at full ranges from suppliers and consider switching to alternative sizes or styles. For example, changing a standard box to a crash lock bottom box can halve packaging times.

Transport and delivery costs are expensive so it’s important to maximise the number of packages per load. The key is cube optimisation – essentially this means getting as many packages onto a pallet, safely and efficiently. There are a number of ways to achieve this by reducing the volume of packaging or using modular boxes.

How can Antalis Packaging help?

Speak to us about your requirements so we can understand how best to support you now or with any future demands. At Antalis Packaging, we have a complete range of packaging products, machinery and services to keep your goods moving during times of high demand.  We can help with forecasting, make recommendations and even design new packaging to ensure goods are delivered efficiently, cost effectively and without damage.

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