CV Labels invests in Dantex flexographic plate cleaner

Leading pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare label manufacturer, CV labels, has recently invested in a Dantex flexographic plate cleaning system to extend the life and quality of its flexographic plates. Having historically hand-washed its plates for the last 25 years, the Dantex solution has helped to extend plate life whilst enhancing print quality and performance.

Available in a range of sizes, covering a variety of plate widths, the Dantex AQFC range is designed for cleaning letterpress and flexographic plates after printing. The plates are automatically transported into the processor by soft touch transfer rollers, cleaned by brush action, rinsed and dried. The system moderately brushes the entire plate surface using the correct amount of pressure for the optimum amount of time, is dried and is ready for storage or reuse.

Bob Vetch, CV Labels’ Bob Vetch, commented on the investment: “Having the PS9000:2011 pharmaceutical accreditation means that the labels we produce often need to have fine detail and small font text. We made the investment in the Dantex plate cleaner as we were finding that hand-washing the plates was not providing us with the performance we needed, plus we were wasting significant money on plate cleaners.

“The cleaner provides a far sharper finish and the print quality is genuinely as good as when the plates were new, with no risk of plate damage. With this system and the use of the AquaViolet cleaning solution, I would definitely say that we will benefit from an additional three-to-four years extended life out of the plates. Dantex were a pleasure to work with on this installation,” Vetch concluded.