Customised printing solutions for individual requirements

Medium-sized businesses, organisations and big companies have very particular demands on printing solutions. The right answers are often just around the corner.

DTM Print is an international OEM and solution provider based in Germany with years of experience in developing individual printing services. Beside own products, the company works closely with well-known manufacturers like Primera Technology, Inc. and OKI Europe to provide the best possible printing solution for label, POS and retail applications. Established in 1986, DTM Print today has more than 40 employees who work with more than 150 regional partners and whose services reach way beyond the European boarders.

The company provides customers everything needed to print their own labels: Label printers using inkjet, colour laser or digital LED technology, customised software solutions, POS solutions e.g. label kiosks, special accessories like label applicators, foil imprinters, re- and unwinders and a wide selection of DTM certified Genuine Label Stock of approved inkjet and dry toner materials, available in any size or shape. “With our passion for custom-made solutions we have firmly established ourselves in the market,“ explains Andreas Hoffmann, Managing Director Operations at DTM Print.

The company recently launched two new printers. Firstly, the DTM CX86e Colour Tag Printer, a fast and compact printing solution for production, POS and POI applications. It is the world’s smallest LED label printer and helps companies to produce versatile and professional colour labels and tags that maximize advertising impact.

Whether they are vouchers, coupons, value-added receipts, ID tags with photos, visitor badges, price and promotion stickers, pasted labels, sleeves, loop ribbons or labels for cardboards and boxes, the DTM CX86e makes it fast and easy to print high-quality full-colour labels and tags for signage and product identification that will attract customer attention and increase sales.

The second new printer in the company’s product portfolio is the DTM FX810e Foil Imprinter for finishing and highlighting product labels with a width of up to 220 mm. That foil imprinting system adds brilliant shiny metallic or laminated highlights both to blank or already pre-printed labels, whether they have been produced by inkjet, laser, LED, offset or flexo printing. Fast and accurate one-colour printing for either adding data like simple text or bar codes to pre-printed labels or printing single-coloured labels is possible as well.

DTM FX810e features a robust metal housing, an intuitively to use colour touchscreen, an optional built-on guillotine cutter and can be connected via USB 2.0 and Ethernet 10/100. It uses DTM Print certified thermal transfer ribbons with a maximum width of 220 mm, but it is recommended to choose the ribbon width depending on the label design. If, for example, the layout covers only 100 mm of the label customers can use a 100 mm wide ribbon roll.

The product range of DTM Print also includes the well-known LX-series of inkjet colour label printers from US manufacturer Primera Technology, Inc. Especially Primera’s LX500e and LX910e are ideal solutions for a fast and flexible on-demand personalised label production. Both printers deliver full-colour labels in any shape, size and amount that’s needed. They use only one high-yield tri-colour cartridge with integrated print head simplifying operation and on-going maintenance and minimising downtimes during ink replacement.

To produce exceptional product labels for all kinds of applications you not only need advanced print technology but you also need high-quality material. To guarantee the best results DTM Print provides a wide selection of DTM certified Genuine Label Stock either for LED/dry toner printers (such as DTM CX86e), thermo transfer printers (such as DTM FX810e) or inkjet printers (such as Primera LX910e): starting with matte and glossy papers extending to transparent, matte and glossy polyester films as well as textured, silver, gold or other coloured materials.

“True, we do have a wide variety of printing solutions on offer. This, however, does not mean that we give our clients only ready-made solutions. We aim at composing an ideal combination of (print) hardware and software that perfectly matches our clients’ requirements. All in all, we can look back on more than 30 years working experience in developing individual printing solutions. We and our partners therefore have the know-how needed to reach our self-set goal, i.e. to offer precisely those solutions that match individual demands,“ stresses Hoffmann.

But the people at DTM Print think further: “We are looking forward to the future!“ says Hoffmann. “We plan to expand and develop our point-of-sale solutions to help end customers to personalise their products on a much larger scale than is currently possible. We also want to expand our volume of projects and help even more enterprises to integrate individual printing systems into their production and selling processes.“

With DTM Print customers reach a new era in flexible, on-demand label printing. With passion into the future – never did a slogan fit more than it fits the team from DTM Print.