Customers line up for new Highcon digital cutting and creasing machines

Highcon's paper dresses at drupa
Highcon’s paper dresses at drupa

During drupa, Highcon announced the sale of two machines from its brand new drupa portfolio.

Joining existing Highcon customers who have already committed to purchase the machine, including Glossop Cartons of the UK, All Packaging Company, with plants across Utah, USA, has signed an agreement to be the first new customer in North America to purchase the Highcon Beam digital cutting and creasing machine.

For All Packaging, the top-of-the-line Highcon Beam machine will not only be its first Highcon machine, but also the first digital machine to enter its current analogue production workflow.

All Packaging, a 70-year-old folding carton manufacturing business, has long been known for combining experience and expertise with state-of-the-art technologies. Ken Pepper, president and CEO, said: “I have been following Highcon technology since the beginning and have been impressed with their innovative spirit and vision. I’m really excited that the technology has now reached the point where it has become mainstream, and can be used on higher volume production.

“The Highcon Beam will have speeds of up to 5,000 sheets per hour on B1/42 inch size, wider substrate range, and built-in scrap stripping capabilities. This will fit perfectly into our production workflows, and will open up new markets for our sales team.”

For commercial printers looking to offer high value applications with digital cutting and creasing, Highcon recently announced the Highcon Pulse. Ilan Print in Israel has secured its spot in the line by agreeing to be the beta site for the machine, ahead of its commercial release at the beginning of 2017.

Eran Friedman, Ilan Print VP marketing, commented: “The Highcon Pulse offers us the ability to extend the already wide range of commercial applications we sell. Our focus is always on delivering innovative, high quality products and the Pulse, together with the Highcon Axis Web-to-Pack platform, will help us strengthen our design creativity while streamlining our ordering process and further improving our responsiveness to customers.”

Jens-Henrik Osmundsen, Highcon VP global sales, said: “These two customers represent a positive endorsement of our company’s vision and product roadmap. Our new product portfolio was developed by addressing the market needs and adding value for our existing customers as well as opening the door to new customers.”