C&T Matrix launches Countamax as an alternative to counter material

CountamaxC&T Matrix, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of creasing matrix, announced the launch of a brand new type of matrix for carton manufacturing – Countamax.

70 per cent of creasing in the developed world is presently performed using phenolic counter material. Counters are great for long runs and offer quick make-ready times. However, there are some important disadvantages of using phenolic counter material, including the risk of breakage and the dependency on a die maker to make and replace. They are also relatively expensive compared to traditional creasing matrix.

C&T Matrix has used its industry knowledge to design, test and manufacture a new creasing matrix whose shoulders are made from phenolic resin called Countamax. This matrix offers a cost effective alternative to phenolic counter material.

New Countamax has a host of benefits, including flexibility and the ease of use associated with a standard creasing matrix, but because it has shoulders are made with phenolic resin, it has all the durability and hardwearing properties of phenolic counters.

If damage or wear is experienced on the run there is no need to rely on the die maker to make a new die, avoiding expensive machine down time. There are no requirements for additional accessories such as locating pins or adhesive.

Countamax matrix has a strong adhesive tape perfect for thin plate applications and is perfect for long run, durable products. It is available in a wide range of sizes making it ideal for pharmaceutical, food and beverage, tobacco and cosmetics packaging. Countamax is said to last up to four times longer than many other creasing matrix on the market today and it will last as long as a phenolic counter.

Simon Shenton, managing director at C&T Matrix, said: “Customers who have been testing Countamax have been delighted with the results and can see the quality and control of the crease. It can give a large cost advantage compared to phenolic counters and is highly recommended for long run applications. Furthermore, Countamax is much more durable than other plastic, or fibre creasing matrix types presently available on the market.