C&T Channel Matrix (C&T), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of creasing matrix, offers a comprehensive range of matrix profiles including PVC and Fibre.

They are an expert in standard and specialist profiles for carton and corrugated manufacturers and for print finishers.


Since the advent of the self-locating creasing matrix in the late 1950’s, C&T has evolved with the ever-changing technological advancements in die-cutting technology and substrate design.

The landscape of paper/corrugated board design has changed considerably, creating challenges for the designer, die-maker and box maker alike.  Blending their experience of extrusion and technical engineering, C&T has become an expert in creating solutions to everyday creasing problems.


For Carton makers wishing to die-cut concertina folds on E-Flute litho-laminate, C&T offers an un-paralleled range of REVERSE BEND with STANDARD matrix to avoid running 2-passes.

Corrugated box makers – C&T has an extensive range of U-BEND matrix to alleviate cracking. In warmer climates where matrix adhesive issues ‘on press’ can be problematic and ‘swimming’ occurs, C&T has a STRONG TAPE version of their creasing matrix range to overcome these issues. Corrugated board can also become brittle in hot temperatures. C&T Matrix offer an INTERNAL CHAMFER to help overcome such instances.

C&T believes it is important to use the correct matrix to avoid technical issues and to increase productivity. They offer a wide range of specialist products:

·        XTC Off-Centre matrix allows users to double crease board where creasing rules or creasing rule and cutting rule are close together.

·        XTC Multi-Crease (double crease) helps when creasing thin boards where creasing rules are close together.

·        Micro (or Mini) creasing matrix can be used for small creasing areas.

·        Reverse Bend for reverse crease in one-pass, e.g. concertina folding. Also, using reverse bend is helpful when cutting from the reverse side on  crash lock base cartons.

·        Hinge Crease for converting that needs ‘pinch’ on both sides with a 90 degree fold.

·        U-Bend is designed to allow double creasing for 180 degree folding.

·        Internal Chamfer (I/C) is perfect for creasing quality. The I/C reduces tensile stress and avoids cracking on the surface of the material.


C&T strives to solve problems encountered by its customers and find new and innovative solutions to commonly encountered issues. This dedication is supported by their state-of-the-art in-house die-making facility and underpinned by engineers with decades of experience.  C&T can respond to individual customer needs, making alternatives to standards matrix profiles and profile rubbers to help achieve maximum productivity and superior quality of finished cartons.

For further details regarding C&T Channel Matrix and its innovative creasing matrix solutions visit www.candtmatrix.co.uk