C&T Channel Matrix to launch Sprintrubba PRO at drupa

C&T Matrix Sprintrubba ProC&T Channel Matrix, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of creasing matrix, has announced the launch of a newly patented rubber range, Sprintrubba PRO. This is said to be the only rubber profile to feature a self-adhesive locating strip.

Sprintrubba PRO enables end users to remove and then replace the top rubber profile after the ‘nicking’ process of the creasing and cutting rule. This prevents the damage that often occurs to the rubber when nicking the rule within the die. The self-adhesive strip also allows the user to apply the bottom locating strip without the need to use glue. As a result application is much more time efficient as the self-adhesive strip means no manual glueing has to be performed.

The original Sprintrubba rubber profile is used predominantly throughout the world by printers and die makers, to give cleaner cuts. Both Sprintrubba and the new PRO range, unlike other rubber products, are 100 per cent safe to use for food and pharmaceutical packaging. The raw material used in the manufacturing of Sprintrubba is now approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration).

Sprintrubba PRO will be launched at drupa at the end of the month. It is available in a wide range of current Sprintrubba sizes in heights from 6mm to 11mm.

Simon Shenton, C&T Channel Matrix managing director, commented: “We are extremely excited about the new Sprintrubba PRO range which we are sure will revolutionise the way rubber profiles are used and applied to dies. Our aim is always to listen to our customers and innovate according to their needs.”