Crown Aerosols and promotional packaging

Globally, toiletries, perfumes and cosmetics is an industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars each year. Figures suggest that consumers are leaning towards the more premium end of the market and with choices becoming wider and more varied than ever before, brands must be increasingly creative in order to differentiate and stand out loud and proud on retail shelves. However, it is no longer enough to rely on your brand name alone; it is also necessary to create a connection with your customer – largely conveyed through packaging as a first point of contact.

One such premium brand synonymous with luxury is Jean Paul Gaultier, who has been collaborating for years with Crown Aerosols & Promotional Packaging in developing the packaging for its perfumes, such as the brand’s ‘Le Male’ and ‘Classique’ fragrances. The latest packages depict the popular Superman and Wonder Woman superhero characters “bursting” through the container above the strapline ‘I Love Gaultier.’ The designs leverage the distinctive cylindrical shape that has become an iconic marker for the brand, making them instantly recognisable as belonging to the Jean Paul Gaultier stable and helping the perfume stand out on retail shelves and connect with target consumers.

Crown’s relationship with Jean Paul Gaultier spans more than 20 years, allowing its in-house design team to work in close partnership with the brand to ensure the new tins were entirely on-brief. The infinite recyclability of metal also continues to enhance Jean Paul Gaultier’s sustainability credentials.

Metal is capable of satisfying even the staunchest environmentalists, being as it is 100% recyclable. It is capable of being reused continuously without risk of degradation in either performance or quality. With recycling rates higher than ever before due to a firmly established, global recycling infrastructure, less virgin materials are harvested and introduced into the supply chain with every year that passes.

Metal is a permanent resource, not just a recycling resource and without the need to be downgraded to less demanding uses after recycling, consumers can be confident when purchasing these containers that they are also making a truly sustainable purchase, which helps preserve resources for the future in terms of packaging – be it a bottle of perfume, or a can of hairspray.

The striking design of the Jean Paul Gaultier tins also increases the likelihood that consumers will regard them as keepsakes.