Converter November 2016 digital issue is out now!

Converter November 2016Editor’s comment: “This month, I spoke exclusively to Stewart Gordon-Smith from Meech about the company’s success at this year’s K Show, with its range of web cleaning and static control equipment that was on show. Also, Fraser Anti-Static Techniques compares removing the build-up of static on a printed web to getting rid of a drunk party guest!

“The protection of a printed product is crucial to ensuring the quality of the colour, the finish and perhaps any text that is used; therefore when it comes to coating and/or laminating it’s important to get it spot on using the right machinery and the right processes depending on the application. This month’s extensive Coating & Laminating feature reflects the in-depth work of the companies that make up this huge market. Specialist lamination is more relevant than ever, especially to create a luxurious feel for high-end packaging, while certain coating techniques can also simply increase manufacturing performance when it comes to things like splicing, sealing, over-printing and handling.

“Serialisation is another key theme in this issue, not just the production of clearer barcodes and tags, but the software solutions that protect products throughout the supply chain to ensure easy tracing and identification, even within just one enterprise. As more goods are ordered and shipped across the world in the lead-up to Christmas, consumers are expecting safe and speedy delivery, putting pressure on the technology responsible for this along the way.”

You can view this month’s digital issue here.